Xiqian Zhang, Université de Neuchâtel
"Does relative advantage in value-added trade affect acquisitions along global value chains?"
16 June 2017

Lukas Roth, University of Alberta
"Good and Bad CEOs"
16 May 2017

Marie-Hélène Gagnon, Université Laval
"Beyond the Variance Risk Premium: Stock Market Index Return Predictability and Option-Implied Information"
12 May 2017

Marjan Wauters, KU Leuven
"The response of multinationals’ foreign exchange rate exposure to macroeconomic news"
11 April 2017

Philippe Masset, Ecole Hôtelière de Lausanne
"Analyzing the risk of an illiquid asset: The case of fine wine"
7 April 2017

Martin Jacob, WHU – Otto Beisheim School of Management
"Tax Incidence and Tax Avoidance"
31 March 2017

Jérôme Taillard, Babson College
"Do Inflation Adjustments Lead to Inflated Earnings? Large Sample Evidence of Managerial Discretion"
24 March 2017

Alexandre Jeanneret, HEC Montréal
"Deflation, Sticky Leverage and Asset Prices"
22 March 2017

Kris Boudt, VU Brussel
"Beyond Risk-Based Portfolios: Balancing Performance and Risk Contributions in Asset Allocation"
17 March 2017

Pekka Honkanen, HEC Paris
"Price and liquidity spillovers during fire sale episodes"
09 December 2016

Markus Hitz, University of Göttingen
"Identifying consequences of mandatory IFRS adoption: The role of selection effects"
25 November 2016

Leopoldo Catania, University of Rome
"Dynamic Adaptive Mixture Models"
11 November 2016

Xiqian Zhang, Université de Neuchâtel
"Do financial bidders exploit underpricing?"
4 November 2016

Diane Pierret, HEC Lausanne
"Lender of Last Resort versus Buyer of Last Resort – Evidence from the European Sovereign Debt Crisis"
14 October 2016

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