Laurens Swinkels, Erasmus University Rotterdam
"Value-indifferent weighting schemes for developed, emerging and frontier government bond markets"
13 May 2016

Danielle Zhang, Norwegian Business School
"CEOs' Personal Portfolio and Corporate Policies"
13 May 2016

Lukas Roth, University of Alberta
"Do Institutional Investors Drive Corporate Social Responsibility? International Evidence"
29 April 2016

Cédric Poretti, HEC Lausanne
"Does IFRS adoption affect the use of comparable methods?"
15 April 2016

Tristan Roger, Paris-Dauphine University
"Behavioral biases in number processing: The case of analysts' target prices"
18 March 2016

Romain Boulland, ESSEC
"Speed and Expertise in Stock Picking: Older, Slower, and Wiser?"
11 March 2016

Loïc Maréchal, IAF
"Common factors in the time spread returns of commodity futures"
26 February 2016

Sergio Mayordomo, Universidad de Navarra
"Dealing with Dealers: Sovereigh CDS Comovements"
13 November 2015

Alfredo Martin-Oliver, Universitat de les Illes Balears
"Why did Spanish cajas fail during the financial crisis?"
16 October 2015

Christiano Castro, Baco de España
"The countercyclical capital buffer in Spain: an explatory analysis of key guiding indicators"
25 September 2015    

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