Creating Spaces for Transdisciplinary Learning (CREST)

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The project “Creating Spaces for Transdisciplinary Learning (CreST)” seeks to (1) contribute to sustainable development by empowering master’s students in complex problem-solving, (2) promote and consolidate transdisciplinary learning and research in the Francophone part of Switzerland, and (3) facilitate the diffusion of reflections on sustainable development in higher education and practice. Additionally, the CreST projects seeks to position the project partners as constructive participants in national and international networks dedicated to sustainable development and transdisciplinarity.

Objective 1 involves the creation of a course (the “CreST Workshop”) in the new Master’s in Urban and Regional Planning established by the University of Geneva and University of Neuchâtel, in partnership with Haute École du paysage, d’ingénierie et d’architecture de Genève (HEPIA). CreST workshops will be taught annually by an interdisciplinary team of professors and senior lecturers and will be embedded in concrete sustainable development processes. Objective 2 focuses on a collaborative and iterative process of developing, testing, evaluating, and refining CreST workshops. Objective 3 entails the medium to long-term leveraging of CreST experiences to instill, consolidate and diffuse a culture of sustainable development through joint reflection among actors from institutions of higher learning, public administration, civil society, and the private sector.