Yann Vitasse


Projet SNF en cours (2015-2016): 

"Warmer temperatures, less snow, earlier plant development? Using a long-term meteorological network to unravel temperature and snow effects on mountain vegetation"


The project adopts a six-step approach:
(1) What is the relationship between temperature and snow cover vs snow melt along altitudinal gradients in the Alps?
(2) How has snowmelt changed at high elevations with ongoing climate change?
(3) How do temperature and snow affect plant phenology?
(4) Has the phenological development of snow and plants accelerated in recent years?
(5) How do temperature and snow affect the distribution of plants?
(6) What is the role of late frost in mountain ecosystems for plant phenology/growth?







Chaire de climatologie appliquée

e-mail: yann.vitasse@unine.ch