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Francisco R. Klauser


+41 (0)32 718 16 79

Université de Neuchâtel
Institut de Géographie
Espace Louis-Agassiz 1
CH-2000 Neuchâtel

Curriculum Vitae



Fields of Research

Political geography, urban geography, social geography, socio-spatial theory

Programmes of work

1. Power and space in the digital age: Towards a political geography of surveillance

The digital age is also a surveillance age. In turn, questions of surveillance are always also questions of geography. My work investigates, conceptualizes and problematizes the complex ways in which surveillance is bound up with space, from border control and mobility management, to the spatially articulated gaze of CCTV cameras, and to the fluid spatialities of control that characterise today's world of big data.

  • Chances and risks inherent in the world of Big Data
  • Smart cities
  • Airport surveillance
  • Software sorting and the fabrics of the everyday

2. Drones, power and airspace

Camera-fitted drones are now easily affordable to the public. The current proliferation of the aerial gaze raises a series of critical issues, ranging from the changing regimes of visibility across urban and rural space to the novel risks and dynamics of control implied by current drone developments. Funded by the Swiss National Science Foundation, my work adds a distinct spatial curiosity and power sensitivity to the study of the chances and risks, functioning and implications of drones.

  • Politics of visibility conveyed by the aerial gaze
  • Socio-spatial implications of drones
  • Reconceptualising the airspace
  • Towards a three-dimensional political geography

3. Political geographies of risk & security

My research aims to explore the multiple processes and relationships through which current developments in security governance are conditioned and to assess the wider spatial, social, political and economic implications of these developments. Particular attention is given to issues of risk and security in the urban environment and in the context of mobility.

  • Geographies of (predictive) policing
  • Interactions of scale in security governance
  • Sport mega-event security
  • Video surveillance and places of fear in everyday life



  • Introduction to Political Geography (BA)
  • Political Geography II: Power, Space, Regulation (MA)
  • Public geographies (MA)
  • Qualitative Research Methods I
  • Qualitative Research Methods II

Research Projects

Big Data in Agriculture: The Making of Smart Farms

Swiss National Science Foundation


Project website


Power and Space in the Drone Age

Swiss National Science Foundation


Project website


Efficacité de la Vidéosurveillance aux Pâquis, à Genève

Département de Sécurité et de l'Economie du Canton de Genève


Project website


Smarter Cities: New Urban Policy Model in the Making

Swiss State Secretary of Education


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