Marco Maiolini


I am an ethologist trained in bioacoustics, from data collection in the field to data analysis. My long time interest in sounds and animal communication led me to focus my research on different bioacoustics topics: from the use of playback experiments to determine the animal social hierarchy to quantitative analysis of rhythmic variance among different contexts and calls. To understand more about it, see my CV.

From 2021-2025, I am a PhD student on the Swiss National Science Foundation (SNSF) funded project: EVOPHON (Evolution of phonetics and phonology, PI Steven Moran). The project aims to shed light on the origin of the human language. To reach this goal, we are studying the parallels between human and non-human vocalizations, their origins and which ones are due to biological or cultural constraints.

Academic bio

In 2020, I received my MSc in "Evolution of animal and human behaviour" from the Department of Life Science and System Biology at the University of Turin. Under the supervision of Prof. Marco Gamba, my MSc thesis involved the study of the vocal repertoire of the lemur species Indri indri, and my research focused on the rhythmic variation among different calls and contexts. For my research, I undertook fieldwork to collect data in the forest of Maromizaha, a protected area situated in the National Park of Andasibe-Mantadia in Madagascar. 

For my BA thesis, “Social interaction in male cheetah (Acinonyx jubatus jubatus) coalition: A case study in captivity”, I performed playback experiments on captive cheetahs housed in the Parco Zoo Falconara. The goal of this study was to determine the social structure and the hierarchy status of coalition members. I presented this research at two conferences: “Conservazione e Ricerca dei felidi negli zoo” in February 2018 at the Natural History Museum of Livorno and through a poster in the “Convegno Nazionale della ricerca nei Parchi” in October 2018 at the Parco Natura Viva in Verona.



Marco Maiolini

PhD student