Subside tremplin

A temporary release to advance your career

The Subside tremplin aims to support young women who plan to pursue an academic career. Its purpose is to release the successful candidates from one or several tasks (teaching assignments, student guidance or administrative work), in order for them to dedicate themselves to their own scientific research (publication, fieldwork, completing the thesis, study abroad, etc...)

One application deadline per year: September 1st

Next deadline: September 1st, 2021

Please send your application througg the application form (must be filled out). A PDF file has to be downloaded and must include the following documents and in this same order:

  • motivation letter including career objectives
  • CV including a list of publications                                                  
  • detailed description and time frame of the project that will be developed during the financed period
  • task description and specifications have to be prepared in accordance with the direct supervisor and approved by the Human Resources Service. Each task must be described and the following information included:
    • type of task the candidate requests to be released of
    • personal status of substitute for this task
    • financial costs of the task according to the current scale
    • human Resources Service approval
    • supervisor signature
  • copy of the UniNE work contract
  • letter of recommandation from the supervisor which validates the application

The Subside tremplin will finance the salary of one or several persons who will replace the successful candidate by taking in charge one or more tasks.

The work contract of the successful candidate is not interrupted and the salary is paid as usual. The duration of the contract must cover the entire requested period.

Female members of the corps intermédiaire

The candidates selection is proceeded by the Commission égalité members. The University board is kept informed of each decision. The selection criteria are, among others:

  • quality of the CV and of the project
  • impact of the proposal on the candidate's academic career
  • feasibility of the proposal

Priority is given to applications from post-doctoral candidates and/or with family responsibilities.

At the end of the grant period, the candidates are requested to send a report (in PDF) to the . The report is then forwarded to the Commission égalité (to the Faculty member in charge) for approval.

Commission égalité

The Commission égalité is currently composed of ten members. The four faculty members have a voting right. They can also help you with your application. You can contact them for any questions you may have:


Please do not hesitate to contact the Office of  Equal Opportunity should you have any questions, via