The Office of  Equal Opportunity encourages a qualitative work and study climate that favors equal opportunities between women and men as well as between all university members.
The Office of  Equal Opportunity particularly supports women who intend to pursue an academic career as well as parents who are looking for a better work-life balance.


reseau_romand_mentoring.jpgCandidatures for the 10th edition of Réseau romand de mentoring pour femmes (RRM) are now open! RRM is a mentoring programme designed to support women researchers who desire to pursue an academic career. 

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Kids Camps 2019



Registration for the 2019 Kids camps are now open!

Kids camps are organised by the Office for Equal Opportunity. They are intended for children of the members of the UniNE community, EPFL-Microcity included . Kids camps take place during the canton of Neuchâtel’s school holidays and provide day care from 8AM/9AM to 5PM.

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REGARD Workshops

Regard.jpgREGARD is a continuous training programme designed for upcoming female academics. Its purpose is to offer a range of skills and practical tools in career management and supervision.  

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