Visions for a Sustainable Agriculture - in coll. with CUSO

5-7 May 2021


A course in collaboration with the CUSO Doctoral Programs in Ecology & Evolution (E&E), Molecular Plants Science (MPS) and Microbial Sciences.

Organizers: Prof. Ted Turlings, Prof. Pilar Junier, Prof. Betty Benrey.


Venue: online with Zoom!


To learn about and reflect on the challenges for a sustainable agriculture that provides food security for future generations.




During the workshop you will be confronted with the challenges that researchers and policy makers are facing in their efforts to assure food security for future generations in a sustainable manner.

The focus will be on developing countries and the workshop will also be attended by students from the master module Sustainable Agriculture and by foreign alumni who completed the Master of Advanced Studies in Integrated Crop Management (MAS-ICM, in collaboration with CABI, Delemont).

The workshop will mix talks from experts, roundtable discussions and group work on defined topics which will be chosen during the workshop.


1st day:

Morning: Introduction (explaining CABI's activities in sustainable agriculture and introducing the Plantwise program). MAS-ICM graduates present the agricultural challenges in their respective home country.

Afternoon: Invited experts present their visions for a sustainable agriculture.

2nd day:

Morning: Invited experts present their visions for a sustainable agriculture.
Afternoon: Roundtable discussion with experts and the students (topics will be defined during the workshop).

3rd day:

Morning: Students prepare their final presentations in which they address the main challenges and possible solutions.
Afternoon: Students give their group presentations (15 minutes per group) on how sustainable agriculture may be achieved, taking into account what they learned during the speakers contributions and discussions.


=> Draft Program (as of 16.02.2021)

General information

Dates: 5-7 May 2021 (3 days)

Schedule: 9.00-17.00

Venue: online with Zoom

ECTS : 1.5 for PhD students (Scientific activities). For other participants: contact the organisers.

Evaluation: Full attendance and active participation

Information: Please contact Prof. Ted Turlings or the doctoral program coordinator

Registration fee: free for all PhD students of the doctoral programs DPOB, CUSO E&E and CUSO MPS, CUSO Microbial Sciences and IPM master students.


This course is open and free to PhD students (DPOB + CUSO E&E + CUSO MPS + CUSO Microbial Sciences), and mandatory to UniNE IPM master students. External prospect participants can register, but priority is given to DPOB, CUSO E&E, CUSO MPS & CUSO Microbial Sciences PhD students until 4 April 2021.

Maximum number of participants: 40

Registration: through the web only: OPEN here! As of 21.02.2021: only 4 places left!

Please note the cancellation policy (CHF 30).

Deadline: 4 April 2021