DPOB Seminars

Friday afternoon, every two weeks, online


These voluntary seminars are only for PhD students enrolled in the DPOB.

These seminars are here to offer a safe place for students of the program to practice their presentations skills and to get to know about each other's research projects. It is also an opportunity for students attending the seminar to practice asking questions to the speaker!

If you would like to practice before giving a talk at an important conference, for your mid-thesis meeting, or for your PhD defense, these seminars are here for you! Of course, you are welcome to present in these seminars even if you don't have such meeting coming up or even if you just started your PhD and want to talk about your planned work :)

We highly encouraged you to take part in these seminars, both by attending and asking questions, and by presenting! The virtual format allows students based outside of Neuchâtel to access without traveling.


One PhD student gives a presentation of their latest work for 10-15 minutes, followed by an extended question/discussion round for all attending people to ask questions and/or give honest feedback on the presentation.


Please refer to this shared online sheet to know who is presenting and when.

Would you like to give a presentation?

Please write to Ursula Oggenfuss, the PhD student of our program who volunteered to organize these seminars. You are also welcome to offer her your help in organizing :)


A note about Imposter Syndrome

The initial idea for launching this new type of seminar in our program, was to help against the so-called Imposter Syndrome (IS). However, these seminars are far more than only an anti-imposter tool and you should feel welcome to participate no matter what you think about IS :)

What is Imposter Syndrome?

PhD students and scientists in general often suffer from imposter syndrome, which is not a disease, but a crippling feeling of not being good enough, being in the wrong place and just generally to be a fraud.

More about it here, here, and here.

We have noticed that to help reducing this feeling, presenting our work, getting critical questions and honest feedback can make a big difference. Getting pushed out of our comfort zone and interacting with other researchers actually helps to realize that we are at the right place!

We are aware that this solution might not work for everyone, but we would like to offer the opportunity and the framework. Moreover, getting more experience in presenting our research can only be good for everyone :)

General information

Date: Friday afternoon, every two weeks

Schedule: 3 pm - 4 pm (might be subject to change, please refer to the invitation email send before each seminar)

Venue: Online, on Zoom (the link will be provided in the invitation email)

ECTS: 0.5 ECTS for giving a talk, only one time per year per person. After the seminar, please send a confirmation email and your abstract to the doctoral program coordinator.

Information: Please contact Ursula Oggenfuss or the doctoral program coordinator.

Registration: no need to register to attend the seminars.