Participating Ph.D. students

List of doctoral program participants (updated 08.02.2021)

ABRAHAM Leen Genome-wide expression analysis to map regulatory variation in a major fungal pathogen Croll D. Uni Neuchâtel
ALBELDA BERENGUER Magdalena Biological strategies for the preservation of archaeological waterlogged wood Joseph E. & Junier P. Uni Neuchâtel
BALLABANI Gent Chloroplast outer membrane protein import complex mediation. Kessler F., Venkatasalam, S. Uni Neuchâtel
BELLAH Hajder Plant pathogen interactions Croll D. Uni Neuchâtel
BELLI Alessandro The role of oxidative stress on the senescence and trade-off between resistance and tolerance to parasites Koella J. Neuchâtel
BONIN Léonore Cognition in cleaner wrasse: Investigation of general intelligence in Labroides dimidiatus Bshary R. Uni Neuchâtel
BOUCHARD Alice Intentionality in chimpanzee communication Zuberbühler K. Uni Neuchâtel
BREGNARD Cindy Tick ecology, host-specificity and MLST characterization of Borrelia burgdorferi sensu lato isolates in the Lyme Disease Context Voordouw M. (Koella J.) Uni Neuchâtel
BREGNARD Danaé Endobacteria in fungi Junier P. Uni Neuchâtel
BROCARD Sarah Great apes' event cognition. Zuberbühler K. Uni Neuchâtel
BRUNI Estelle Biodiversity and biogeography of Euglyphida (Rhizaria) in continental and oceanic islands Lentendu G. (Mitchell E.) Uni Neuchâtel
BRUNO Pamela Tritrophic interactions: Possible host-plant effects on the resistance of diabrotica pests to natural enemies Turlings T. Uni Neuchâtel
BUFFI Matteo

Electrical communication in filamentous fungi / recovery of precious metals with mycological means.

Junier P. & Bindschedler S. Uni Neuchâtel
BUI Thai Cellular communication during lateral root formation in Arabidopsis thaliana. Vermeer J. Uni Neuchâtel
CHABAANE Yosra Consequences of chili plant domestication on plant-insect interactions Benrey B. Uni Neuchâtel
CHEN Yi Impact of stacked Bt maize on aquatic non-target arthropods Romeis J. Uni Bern & Meissle M. Agroscope ZH
COLLOMBAT Joy Physiological and molecular functions of ABC1K1 kinase during early development of Arabidopsis thaliana Kessler F. Uni Neuchâtel
COPPOLA Carla Functions of RMR proteins in intracellular trafficking in the moss Physcomitrella patens Neuhaus J.-M. Neuchâtel
CORONA RAMIREZ Andrea Bacterial spore biodiversity in the environment Junier P. Uni Neuchâtel
DE JESUS Cristovao The conservation of the cell-type specific communication during lateral root formation from Arabidopsis in Brachyopodium distachyon Vermeer J. Uni Neuchâtel
DESHPANDE Adwait Social learning and flexibility in the vocalisations of wild vervet monkeys (Chlorocebus pygerythrus) Zuberbühler K. Uni Neuchâtel
DREIER Matthias Characterisation of the microbial community in raw-milk cheese by high-throughput qPCR Junier P. Uni Neuchâtel
DUCKERT Clément Crazy diamonds - Taxonomy and ecology of the euglyphids, multifaceted testate amoebae Mitchell E. Uni Neuchâtel
DUHIN Audrey Primitive plants: Plentiful but neglected resources for herbivores? Turlings T. & Röder G. Uni Neuchâtel
DUTHÉ Vanessa Black Rhino conservation ecology Rasmann S. Uni Neuchâtel
EMERY Yasmin Ecological factors shaping the neuroanatomy and neurophysiology of cleaner fish Labroides dimidiatus cognition Bshary R. Uni Neuchâtel
ESTOPPEY Aislinn Oxalotrophy as a biocontrol strategy Junier P. Uni Neuchâtel
FALLET Patrick A novel strategy to control fall armyworm with entomopathogenic nematodes Turlings T. Uni Neuchâtel
FATTON (-HAYOZ) Mathilda Dormancy and spores formers: investigation of two non-standard models Junier P. Uni Neuchâtel
FOROUGH Maryam Plant hormone-dependent import of proteins into chloroplasts. Kessler F. Uni Neuchâtel
FRANIC Iva Refined monitoring of sentinel plantings for improved biosecurity Eschen R. & Kenis M. (CABI), Prospero S. (WSL), Allan E. (Uni Bern)
FRYNS Caroline Surrounding and directed sound on infant vocal development in chimpanzees Zuberbühler K. Uni Neuchâtel
GALLOT Quentin Monkey syntax in Taï Forest, Ivory Coast. Zuberbühler K. Uni Neuchâtel
GARETA GARCIA Miguel Social behaviour and endocrinology of wild Vervet monkeys (Chlorocebus aethiops) Bshary R. Uni Neuchâtel
GENNE VISCARDO Dolores L. Inter-strain interactions of a vector-borne parasite over its life cycle Voordouw M. (Koella J.) Uni Neuchâtel
GONCALVES Tiago Evolutive study of Malaria. Koella J. Uni Neuchâtel
GONTHIER Jérémy Research on sustainable strategies using parasitoid wasps to control the
tomato leafminer, Tuta absoluta.
Romeis. J Collatz J. Agroscope & Uni Bern
HERNANDEZ Julie Impact of agro-ecological measures on honeybee populations, A. mellifera Aebi A. Uni Neuchâtel & Dietmann V. Agroscope
HERNANDEZ ESTRADA Mónica Neurophysiological and behavioural aspects of gustation in Aedes and Anopheles mosquitoes Guerin P. Uni Neuchâtel
JACCARD Charlyne The consequences of domestication on the chemical ecology of plant-insect interactions in Squash Benrey B. Uni Neuchâtel
JOWKAR Gholamhossein Frequentist estimation of evolutionary history of sequences with substitutions & indel. Croll D. Uni Neuchâtel & Anisimova, Maria ZHAW, Zurich
KROPF Alida Eco-epidemiology of Malaria Koella J. Uni Neuchâtel
KUHN Thierry Modelling species interaction Li X. Uni Neuchâtel
LABERTONIERE Dahliane Fast mapping in human and non-human primates Skoruppa K. & Zuberbühler K. Uni Neuchâtel
LAPLANCHE Diane Uncovering the chemically-mediated interactions between slugs and their host plantschemical ecology of gastropod-insect-plant-interactions Turlings T. Uni Neuchâtel
LEBISSONNAIS Sandra Mosquitoes: vector capacity, insecticide resistance and microbiota. Koella J. Uni Neuchâtel
LEON ORTEGA José Julian Social learning in Sooty mangabeys (Cercocebus Atys) vocal communication Zuberbühler K. Uni Neuchâtel
LITTO Maria Adaptive potential to novel conditions of the recently introduced promising biocontrol agent Ophraella communa Müller-Schärer H. Uni Fribourg
LOHBERGER Andrea Organic nitrogen exploitation as a benefit stabilizing a mutualistic interaction of soil fungi and bacteria Junier P. Uni Neuchâtel & Verrechia E. Uni Lausanne
MAMIN Marine Chemical signaling in cotton plants Turlings T. Uni Neuchâtel
MONOD Vinciane Dissecting factors associated with Vine decline across physiological plant states, fungal communities and the environment Gindro K. & Hofstetter V. Agroscope Changins (Croll D. Uni Neuchâtel)

Up-scaling biodiversity and structural complexity in lowland rainforest transformation systems.

Zemp C. Uni Neuchâtel
MORADI Aboubakr Revisiting chitinases and beta-1,3-glucanases as tools for plant protection Mauch F. Uni Fribourg
MORELON Stéphanie Ecology and evolutionary genetics of segetal plants Grant J. Uni Neuchâtel
MOSSION Vinciane Systematics and taxonomy of the Botrychium lunaria species complex (Ophioglossaceae) Grant J. Uni Neuchâtel
MULLER Arthur Regulatory potential of Photorhabdus bioluminescence in belowground multi-trophic interactions. Machado R. Uni Neuchâtel

Dynamics of transposable elements (TE) and effector gene evolution in Zymoseptoria tritici

Croll D. Uni Neuchâtel
ORINE Dimitri Effect of eco-climatic factors and phylogeny of tomatoes on induced-defences by soil microbes against leaf herbivores Rasmann S. Uni Neuchâtel
OUADI Sonia Characterization of domesticated clove (Syzygium aromaticum) and comparison with related species Kessler F. Uni Neuchâtel
PALMIERI Fabio New insights into bacterial-fungal interactions: the bacterial microbiome of fungi & nutritional interference as biocontrol mechanism against fungal pathogens using bacterial oxalotrophy Junier P. Uni Neuchâtel
PUCCETTI Guido Pan European Z.tritici association mapping study on fungicides Croll D. Uni Neuchâtel & Scalliet G. Syngenta
QUINTERO-SANDOVAL Fredy Audience effects of sooty mangabeys (Cercocebus atys) Zuberbühler K. Uni Neuchâtel
REINBACHER Lara Biological control of wireworms (Elateridae) with the entomopathogenic fungus Metarhizium brunneum ART2825 Grabenweger G. Agroscope, Bacher S. Uni Fribourg
REYES Sarai Identification of GMO’s Croll D. Uni Neuchâtel
RUSCONI Olivia From fundamental questions to practical conservation actions: a study of pollination system, population genetic and mycorrhizal association in Cypripedium calceolus (Orchidaceae) Rasmann S. (Mitchell E.) Uni Neuchâtel
SARHAN Hanaa Predator-prey interactions involving lionfish in their natural range and as invasive species in the Caribbean Bshary R. Uni Neuchâtel
SATTARI Hamed Dynamics of the light harvesting complex network Longoni P. (Kessler F.) Uni Neuchâtel
SEMERARO Sarah Establishing soil-vegetation-humus forms relationships Le Bayon C. (Rasmann S.) Uni Neuchâtel
SINGH Nikhil Kumar Contrasting genetic architecture of phenotypes in a fungal pathogen of wheat Croll D. Uni Neuchâtel
SOLDATI Adrian The role of social learning in the vocalizations of wild chimpanzees Zuberbühler K. Uni Neuchâtel, Call J. St. Andrews University (UK)
STALDER Luzia The functional ecology of plant microbiome interactions between zymoseptoria tritici and pseudomonas bacteria Croll D. Uni Neuchâtel
STAUBER Lea Molecular epidemiology of clonal lineages of an invasive fungal plant pathogen Prospero S. (Croll D.) Uni Neuchâtel
SZENTECZKI Mark On the molecular and chemical ecology of Arum maculatum (Araceae) Rasmann S. Uni Neuchâtel
TINGUELY Camille Horizontal gene transfer in environmental bacteria. Gonzalez D. & Junier P. Uni Neuchâtel
WINTER Zsófia The role of cellular communication during organ formation. Vermeer J. Uni Neuchâtel
ZITA Wayne Role of ABC1K1 and plastoglobules in the different stages of plant development: from leaves to fruits, in model organisms Solanum lycopersicum and Arabidopsis thaliana Kessler F. Uni Neuchâtel