Activities 2022

T= transferable skills  R= research tools  S=scientific activities



Title Date Category Venue
DPOB Students Seminars + apéro Thursday evenings, once a month S Neuchâtel
Plant imaging: advanced light microscopy - in coll. with CUSO MPS 27-28 January 2022 R Geneva
Image Treatment and Analysis in Microscopy - in coll. with CUSO MPS 11 February 2022 R Geneva
Visions for a Sustainable Agriculture - in coll. with CUSO 4-6 May 2022 S Neuchâtel
Introduction to Plant Metabolics-in coll. with CUSO 2-3 June 2022 R Neuchâtel
An Introduction to R - in coll. with CUSO 13, 19-20 May 2022 R Lausanne or onliine
Annual PhD meeting 2022 "Science and Society" 15-16 September 2022 S Neuchâtel
Discovery Days - in coll. with CUSO TBA R TBA
Scientific Writing 29 November-6 December 2022 T Neuchâtel

Example of other activities (workshops, courses, conferences, ...) that could grant ECTS (external)

Please note that the doctoral program will not reimburse registration fees nor travel expenses for those external activities, unless clearly mentioned. For summer or winter schools, you may ask for a mobility grant (one time per PhD).

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Within 6 months after participating in an external activity, do not forget to request your external ECTS!


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