The workshop DARIAH-CH is an important event in the process of adhesion of Switzerland to the European consortium in Digital Humanities DARIAH, organized in the framework of the H2020 project DESIR.

During this workshop, different sessions will offer a platform for Swiss and European protagonists to discuss the main topics related to the development of Digital Humanities.

The session on "Research practice in Digital Humanities" includes a Poster SLAM session in order to illustrate the current projects in the Swiss Academic Institutions.

Posters 2018


  1. Absorbed in Goodreads. A computational approach for the study of online social reading
    Simone Rebora (University of Göttingen), Piroska Lendvai (University of Göttingen), Moniek Kuijpers (University of Basel)
  2. Do we digitize the right thing? – Data Analytics for a digitization road map
    Elias Kreyenbühl Jonas Waeber (Universitätsbibliothek Basel)
  3. Local Research Data Services in a Network
    Beat Mattmann, Iris Lindenmann, Silke Bellanger (Universitätsbibliothek Basel)
  4. Distant Reading for European Literary History
    Berenike Herrmann (University of Basel), Simon Gabay (University of Neuchâtel)
  5. Towards Textual Studies’ High Tide? Studying Research Epistemologies in Digital Humanities after the Machine Learning Turn
    Berenike Herrmann, Thomas Messerli (University of Basel), Daniel Knuchel, Noah Bubenhofer (Zürcher Hochschule für Angewandte Wissenschaften)
  6. histHub – Increase interoperability by linking and standardizing historical data
    Alban Frei (Consortium Historicum)
  7. The Scholar Index: a Citation Index for the Arts and Humanities
    Giovanni Colavizza (EPFL, The Alan Turing Institute), Matteo Romanello (EPFL)
  8. impresso​ – Media Monitoring of the Past – Mining 200 years of historical newspapers
    Maud Ehrmann (EPFL), Matteo Romanello (EPFL)​, Frédéric Kaplan  (EPFL)​, Marten Düring (University of Luxembourg)​​, Estelle Bunout (University of Luxembourg), Daniele Guido (University of Luxembourg)​, Paul Schroeder (University of Luxembourg)​, Thijs van Beek (University of Luxembourg)​, Andreas Fickers (University of Luxembourg), Simon Clematide (University of Zurich), Phillip Ströbel (University of Zurich)​, Martin Volk (University of Zurich)
  9. Topic Modelling and explorative search
    Moritz Mähr (ETH Zurich), Henrike Hoffmann (ETH Zurich), Daniela Zetti (ETH Zurich)
  10. Typademic, collaborative academic publishing
    Moritz Mähr (ETH Zurich)
  11. ERC AdG Locus  Ludi – Integrating databases for understanding play and games in Antiquity
    Véronique Dasen (University of Fribourg)
  12. Digital Statius : the Achilleid
    Damien Nelis (University of Geneva), Valéry Berlincourt (University of Geneva), Lavinia Galli Milić (University of Geneva), Jean-Philippe Goldman (University of Geneva)
  13. A database for Ancient Egyptian stone inscriptions
    Julie Stauder (University of Geneva)
  14. Gustave Roud, « Œuvres complètes ». Digital Scholarly Editions and Semantic Web Technologies
    Daniel Maggetti (University of Lausanne), Claire Jaquier (University of Neuchâtel), Elena Spadini (University of Lausanne), Marion Rivoal (University of Lausanne), Loïc Jaouen (University of Lausanne), Julien Burri (University of Lausanne), Alessio Christen (University of Lausanne), Raphaëlle Lacord (University of Lausanne), Bruno Pellegrino (University of Lausanne)
  15. Towards the Formalization of Metadata Network Analysis in History: a Complex and Multidimensional Case Study
    Martin Grandjean (University of Lausanne)
  16. Digital Critical Edition of Apocryphal Literature: Tools and Methodology
    Violeta Seretan, Frédéric Amsler, Patrick Andrist, Cecilia Antonelli, Caroline Macé, Maïeul Rouquette (University of Lausanne)
  17. Voting on Faith. Understanding the Swiss Reformation through Digital Humanities
    Marc Aberle (University of Neuchâtel/FNS), Olivier Christin (University of Neuchâtel/PSL) Fabrice Flückiger (University of Neuchâtel/FNS/PSL) Vincent Alamercery (University of Lyon) Francesco Beretta (CNRS/University of Lyon) Bernard Hours (University of Lyon)
  18. ONLAAH: Online learning on African Archaeology & Heritage. A platform for students on African Archaeology
    Matthieu Honegger (University of Neuchâtel), Sofia Fonseca (DAI/Algarve University), Jörg Linstädter (DAI), Nuno Bicho (Algarve University), Jonathan Haws (University of Louisville)
  19. E-ditiones, 17th c. French sources
    Simon Gabay, Mohan Halgrain (University of Neuchâtel)
  20. Mark 16 as a test-case for a new research model in digitized Humanities
    Claire Clivaz, Martial Sankar (Swiss Institute of Bioinformatics)
  21. Collection of Swiss Law Sources online
    Adrien Wyssbrod (University of St. Gall Swiss Lawyers Society)
  22. The Libro de Apolonio. A Digital Critical Edition
    Madlaina Brugger (University of Zurich)
  23. AIS, reloaded: Dialectology and digital humanities: fieldworks 100 years later
    Giulia Donzelli, Stefano Negrinelli (University of Zurich)
  24. Credit Suisse Bulletin Corpus: The world’s oldest banking magazine as a gold mine for applications in Digital Humanities
    Gerold Schneider, Anastassia Shaitarova, Martin Volk (University of Zurich)



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