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Workshop DARIAH-CH 29-30th November 2018

Session 1

Thinking the Development of Digital Humanities in Switzerland
Chairman: Matthieu Honegger

icon_mediaserver.pngMauro Moruzzi, Ambassador, State Secretariat for Education, Research and Innovation

Kilian Stoffel, Rector of the University of Neuchâtel, president of the Programme P5

icon_mediaserver.pngShared Infrastructures for Open Science

Beat Immenhauser, Deputy Secretary-General of the Swiss Academy of Humanities and Social Sciences​

icon_mediaserver.pngSwiss research infrastructures in the Humanities - development, challenges, and the contribution of the SAHSS​

Laurent Romary, Inria & DARIAH

icon_mediaserver.pngGoing digital - the role of an infrastructure

Session 2

Research Practice in Digital Humanities
Chairman: Gerhard Lauer

Anne Baillot, University Le Mans

icon_mediaserver.pngRecreating Philology. Text in the Digital Humanities

Frédéric Kaplan, Digital Humanities Laboratory, EPFL

icon_mediaserver.pngTime Machine Flagship and DARIAH​


Slam Session - Posters of the current projects in the Swiss Academic Institutions

Session 3

Support to the development of Digital Humanities in the Academic Institutions
Chairman: Pierre-Alain Mariaux, Dean of the Faculty of Literature and Human sciences, UniNE

Patrick Furrer, Director of the Programme P5

icon_mediaserver.pngProgram "Scientific Information": participative services for the digital humanities

Hugues Cazeaux, Information System Division, UNIGE

icon_mediaserver.pngModular framework for digital humanity projects

Roberta Padlina, UNIBAS

icon_mediaserver.pngNational Infrastructure for Editions

 Session 4

Strategies of Data Management and Archiving
Chairwoman: Laure Ognois

Lionel Perini, Swiss National Science Foundation​​

icon_mediaserver.pngSNSF Data Management Plans

Marco Pagni and Claire Clivaz, Swiss Institute of Bioinformatics

icon_mediaserver.pngData lifecycle and knowledge evolution from a Bioinformatics perspective

Lukas Rosenthaler, University of Basel 

icon_mediaserver.pngData and Service Center for the Humanities (DaSCH)

Nicolas Larrousse, Huma-Num, Paris 

icon_mediaserver.pngPreservation and dissemination of research data at Huma-Num,the French infrastructure for SSH

Session 5

Digital Humanities, Society and Economy
Chairwoman: Claire Clivaz

Franciska de Jong, University Utrecht

icon_mediaserver.pngCLARIN – Infrastructural support for the study of language as social and cultural data

Volker Dellwo and Gerold Schneider, University of Zurich

icon_mediaserver.pngIdentity in Speech and Text Analysis​

Discussion and conclusion

icon_mediaserver.pngLaurent Romary, Inria & DARIAH 




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