Message from Jean-Marie Grether, vice-rector, to the university community

Teaching videos on Moodle​

The task force recommends all teachers to leave their teaching videos on Moodle until the end of the semester.

Teachers are free to remove videos before the end of the semester, in that case, it is recommended to leave the videos for at least 30 days from the moment they were published on the platform.

If teachers plan to remove videos from Moodle, we recommend that you inform students several days in advance.

Instructions for students

  • Make sure that you have access to a computer with an internet connection.
  • Follow the instructions from your teachers provided via Moodle
  • Read immediately and systematically your e-mails (make sure you have access to your UniNE e-mail address)

Instructions for teachers

  • Choose which teaching material you are going to use: slides, pre-recorded videos, webinars.
  • Choose recording software or webinar platform, with or without the help of SITEL (the IT department).
  • Communicate your choices and the necessary documents with your students via Moodle.

Pre-recording tools

SITEL provides help for recording classes using UbiCast or OBS Studio. Please find the instructions and information below. Whichever tool you choose, the videos must be uploaded on Ubicast, the only link published on Moodle (see point 4 below).

  1. Lecture recording in a classroom equipped with Ubicast
  2. Lecture recording on a computer using OBS Studio
  3. Uploading and editing of a video using UbiCast
  4. Publish a video on Moodle


1. Lecture recording in a classroom equipped with UbiCast​

In the classrooms equipped with the Ubicast system, teachers can video record their classes, including the computer screen (showing a powerpoint presentation for example).

  • Salles équipées pour l’enregistrement de cours

    Classrooms equipped for video lecture recording


    Breguet 1 Breguet 2 Lettres Mail Mars 26
    207 R 107 AJR B013 B32
    301 R110 RN02 B103 C45
      R113 RE48 B104 C46
          F-0100 C47
          F200 C49
          GGA C52

2. Lecture recording on a computer using OBS Studio

Using the software OBS Studio, installed on your computer, you can record your computer screen, with or without including your webcam and the sound from the microphone.

3. Edit a video and upload it to UbiCast

If the video has been recorded using another tool than UbiCast (OBS Studio or other), you can edit the video (that is, cut and/or assemble several video segments into a new video) using Windows 10:

Once the video is done, you have to upload it to UbiCast:

If the video is already on UbiCast, you can also edit the video in UbiCast:

All the tutorials for editing and posting videos with UbiCast - www.cast.unine.ch

4. Publish a video on Moodle

Whichever tool you use (UbiCast or OBS Studio), once the video is uploaded to UbiCast the link is added to Moodle. The video must be published on Ubicast and not on Moodle (only the link to Ubicast will show up on Moodle).

Tools for webinars

There are different types of tools to organise interactive, online session (webinars) with students. 

Jitsi Meet
Recommended for small groups of maximum 10 people

Webinars and live screencasts can be done using a computer or a smartphone with JitsiMeet. It works best with Google Chrome. Do not use Safari or Internet Explorer.

Recommended for big groups​

With the application Cisco Webex Meetings it is possible to plan, create and record a video and multimedia meeting. Documents (for example PowerPoint) can easily be integrated and shared.

In case the connection is poor, ask participants to temporarily disconnect their microphone and their camera.

If you are using JitsiMeet, participants can use the little hand in the lower left corner when they want to talk, this function is also available in the upper right icon called “participants” in Webex. VPN is not necessary for a JitsiMeet connection (it is even better to disconnect VPN while you are in a meeting).

Teachers familiar with other tools can keep using these, but always making sure to record the sessions with OBS Studio and put the link on Moodle.


Install VPN

Use VPN to connect to the UniNE network remotely. It is necessary to install the software Cisco AnyConnect VPN

User manual


The campus is divided into different zones. Contact the SITEL collaborator in charge of your zone:

SITEL Hotline 

If you cannot get hold of the SITEL person in charge of your zone, contact Hotline

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