Exam Session

Organization of the June exam session

The June 2021 exam session will take place remotely, except for rare exceptions such as the exams in medicine or sports.

Please look at the modalities on the Facutlies’ webpages:

Why a remote session ?

Whereas it was possible to adopt a mixed solution for teaching as of April 19, with different modalities for different courses, ranging from 100% presence mode and biweekly cohorts to courses that fully remain at a distance, we prefer a unified solution for the exams. That solution will be applicable to all students in the same way.

Equality of treatment is a central factor in this decision. The UniNE needs to take into consideration that some students may not be able to come to campus due to quarantine, because of restrictions on international travel, or simply because it may be impossible to find affordable accommodation in Neuchâtel at short notice. In addition, there has also been feedback from students who have never taken a face-to-face exam, or who have not taken one for some time, and who are therefore more comfortable with a session that will take place online, via the IT tools that have become very familiar to the community.

The other element that guided the analysis relates to the planning security: although the recent relaxation measures in higher education are good news, the scenarios for the evolution of the pandemic remain uncertain at the moment of the decision about the exam session (mid-April). This concerns in particular the vaccination campaign, which is unlikely to be completed by the summer, especially with regard to younger people. In short, the decision ensures that the exam session will take place exactly as planned, regardless of how the pandemic progresses.

Exam registration

It was important for the rectorate to announce the remote exam session some time in advance of the exam registration deadline which is April 25. During the remaining weeks of the semester, teachers will be able to prepare their students for the conditions of the online exams. The faculties have actively prepared themselves for this scenario, and the evaluation modalities of a remote exam session have already been announced.

Taking an online exam on campus

As in January, students will have the opportunity to take their exams on campus if they wish to do so. Students may bring their own equipment to take advantage of the university's wifi network and / or a more suitable working environment than at home. It will also be possible to use a webcam-equipped computer in a dedicated room. Libraries and study halls remain open. Everyone should be aware in this regard that their use is conditional on compliance with the protection plan. Wearing of a mask is obligatory. The cantonal authorities may order the closure of libraries and study halls at any time if the rules are not respected. The rectorate strongly call on the solidarity between all students who use these resources.

Conditions of the remote exam session

The rectorate has issued a directive with comments that specifies how the remote exam session will take place. That directive adopts the general principles of the session that has been organized in January 2021. Most importantly, the results will count just as in an ordinary session, the tools will be Moodle and Webex, which are particularly useful to ensure data protection, there will be no biometric surveillance or recording but only visual surveillance via the webcam, technical problems will be considered as justified absences, and it will be possible to take online exams on campus.

The rectorate is aware that the decision for a remote exam session will be seen as advantageous by some of the students, but not by others. The fact remains that a face-to-face session would also have its disadvantages. Since the evolution of the pandemic is difficult to predict, the planning for a face-to-face session would be facing many uncertainties. The UniNE tried to put everything in place to ensure that the remote exam session can function smoothly. The remote exam session that took place last January worked well and at the same time allowed students and teachers to learn from the experience, which will be useful in June.

Best of success for the exams !



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