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Reminder: the teachings are given face-to-face, they are recorded and streamed (see www.unine.ch/coronavirus/home/teaching.html).

COVID certificate required

For students : students need the COVID certificate (or the COVID Light certificate) and a Photo ID (for example student card) in order to access the following university facilities: classrooms and lecture halls, libraries, the study halls at Breguet 1, Breguet 2 and UniMail, and indoor sports facilities. Wearing a face mask is compulsory.

For UniNE staff: There is no obligation to have a COVID certificate, or to verify that other staff members have such a certificate. Access to offices and other work-related infrastructure does not require the presentation of a certificate. Working from home is still recommended, with the exception of teaching and other activities that require an on-site presence. Teachers are encouraged to obtain a COVID certificate, but there is no obligation, nor will there be any verification. Teaching staff who do not have a COVID certificate are asked to comply with the usual rules (mask and/or distance). The same applies to other staff members with student contact.

People coming from outside the university community will have to present a 2G certificate (vaccinated or cured).

COVID certificate not required

For students : The COVID certificate is not required for common spaces such as computer rooms and laboratories (when not in use for classes), break rooms and other common areas, helpdesks, corridors, toilets, etc. In these areas, it is obligatory to wear a mask and maintain a distance.

For staff: idem

People coming from outside the university community will have to present a 2G certificate (vaccinated or cured).


For students : in libraries, students who do not have a COVID certificate can ask for documents online and go to the desk to collect them or bring them back (click and collect). They wear a mask and leave after the loan process.

For staff: In some cases, you may be asked to present your university card (carte Capucine) in order to certify that you are not a student and that you can access University facilities without a certificate.

People coming from outside the university community will have to present a 2G certificate (vaccinated or cured).

Certificate controls

For students : COVID certificate controls are carried out by staff assigned to this task, who will be posted in the corridors in front of classrooms and lecture halls. These spot check controls will not be systematic. They can be done in front of any classroom, at any time, before or after a class. COVID certificate controls will be obligatory at the entrance of libraries, where they will be carried out by librarians or, if necessary, by staff assigned to this task. Controls in the Breguet 1 and 2 and UniMail study halls will be carried out inside the halls or at the entrance. We thank you in advance for your collaboration during the controls. If a student accesses a compulsory COVID certificate area without having the necessary documents, their personal details will be transmitted to the university administration in view of possible administrative sanctions.

For staff: COVID certificate controls are not the responsibility of the teaching staff. The controls will be carried out by teams who are engaged specifically for this purpose. However, for organized events, the responsible persons in charge of the organization have to set up their own control service, either with internal staff or by hiring external auxiliary staff. The teams that are dedicated to COVID certificate controls will not be made available for organized events.

How to obtain a COVID certificate

For students : information on the COVID certificate and how to obtain one can be found at https://www.ne.ch/autorites/DFS/SCSP/medecin-cantonal/maladies-vaccinations/CertificatCovid/Pages/accueil.aspx. The COVID certificate is only issued as soon as a person is fully vaccinated. Proof of having received a first vaccination dose is not sufficient. Students who are waiting for the 2nd dose or who decide not to be vaccinated have the choice of being tested in order to be able to follow their courses on campus. COVID certificates issued by Swiss cantons and EFTA / EU countries are recognized. Vaccinated students from non-EFTA / EU countries are encouraged to contact certificate.covid@ne.ch to request a COVID certificate that is recognized in Switzerland.

For staff: Persons who are invited from abroad as part of an organized event, a teaching activity, or other types of collaborative activity should be informed about the local regulations, so that they can take any necessary measures for their stay.


For students : UniNE will host mobile vaccination teams on September 22 at UniMail, on September 28 at the Main Building (Premier-Mars 26) and on October 5 at Tilo-Frey, starting at noon. An information session will also take place on September 28 in the presence of the cantonal doctor.

For staff: The vaccination events will be open to staff members, but not to people who do not work or study at UniNE.

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