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Practical information

  • Accomodation

    List of hotels Neuchâtel

    Please contact the hotels directly for reservations. We have prebooked some rooms in each hotel on the list (until 6.1.2020). Do not forget to mention that you will be attending VALS2020 and to provide the booking code below, when applicable.


    Price for room and breakfast

    L'aubier Le Café-Hôtel, Rue du Château 1, 2000 Neuchâtel        +41 32 710 1858

    lecafe@aubier.ch http://www.aubier.ch/fr/bio-hotel-neuchatel.php

    6x CHF 78.- (rooms with basin, toilets and showers located on each floor)         

    3x CHF 120.- (single room)


    Hôtel des Arts, Rue J.-L. Pourtalès 3, 2000 Neuchâtel    +41 32 727 6161

    5x CHF 104.- (only single room smoking room) - PLEASE GIVE CODE 113839       

    info@hoteldesarts.ch   http://hoteldesarts.ch/fr/

    15x CHF 133.- (single room) - PLEASE GIVE CODE 113839             

    8x CHF 134.- (double use CHF 172.-) (station side) - PLEASE GIVE CODE 122939


    Hôtel Alpes et Lac, Place de la Gare 2, 2002 Neuchâtel +41 32 723 1919

    hotel@alpesetlac.ch        https://www.alpesetlac.ch/

    3x CHF 153.- ( only single room) - PLEASE GIVE CODE 122939    

    9x CHF 162.- (double use CHF 198.-) (lake side) - PLEASE GIVE CODE 122939     


    Other suggestions / Autres suggestions


  • Access


    The conference takes place at the University of Neuchâtel.

    All keynote addresses and individual presentations will take place at the Faculty of Law, situated at Avenue du Premier-Mars 26, 2000 Neuchâtel.


    Four of the keynote addresses (Steven Thorne, Noah Bubenhofer, Louise Amélie Cougnon, Florence Oloff) will take place in room D67.

    NOTE: The keynote address of Thierry Soubrié will take place in room C46.

    The three parallel sessions will take place in rooms C43, C49 and D63.

    Each room is equipped with a projector, speakers, a computer (PC), a VGA cable for laptop connection and a mini-jack to plug the speakers into the laptop.

    If you have a Mac computer, please bring your own adapter.




    The lunches will take place at the restaurant Le Romarin. Please present your lunch ticket to the caterer.

    Le Romarin is situated on Rue de la Maladière 62, at 5-10 minutes walking distance from the conference venue.




    The conference dinner will take place at the restaurant Chauffage Compris, in the city center. Please present your conference dinner ticket at the restaurant.

    The restaurant is situated at an approximately 15 minutes walking distance from the conference venue. You can also take bus no. 101 (direction: Corcelles-Cormondrèche) to the bus stop 'Ecluse', or any bus that goes to 'Place Pury' (and then walk a few minutes to the restaurant).



  • Wireless access/swiss power outlets


    Visitors can use the wireless network 'public-unine' available in every university building.

    In order to log in, you will have to provide your mobile phone number (international format: e.g. +41 32 718 18 38). You will then receive a numerical code via a text message on your mobile phone.

    Please note:

    • The code is valid for 5 minutes only
    • The session is activated for 3 hours
    • You may connect only one device per mobile phone number
    • The network is available 24/24 and 7/7
    • Speed: download 25Mbits/s and upload 2.5 Mbit/s

    EDUROAM is also available in the university buildings.


    Please note that the power outlets in Switzerland are different from other parts of Europe.

    The electrical current in Switzerland is 230V, 50Hz. Swiss sockets are recessed, three-holed, hexagonally shaped and incompatible with many plugs from abroad. They usually, however, take the standard European two-pronged plug.

    The following plugs are used:


  • Restaurants and Bars


    Au Feu de Bois, Rue du Seyon 27

    A place known for its wood-oven pizzas.

    Bambou SushiBar, Faubourg du Lac 10

    Sushi place, to eat there or to take away.

    Bistrot Du concert, Rue de l'Hôtel-de-Ville 4

    Trendy café. Large choice of tapas, but you can also have burgers, pasta and steak tartare.

    Bleu Café, Faubourg du Lac 27

    Popular student café. Known for its sandwiches and salads. Lower budget.

    Brasserie Le Cardinal, Rue du Seyon 9

    Historical building, but trendy menu. Prices are mid-range. One of Neuchâtel's classic venues.

    Chez Back et Buck, Rue du Premier-Mars 22

    Popular crêperie nearby the University. Lower budget. 

    Hôtel du Marché, Place des Halles 4

    Historical building, you can have both traditional meals and Chinese food.

    Isaana, rue des Chavannes 25

    Down-to earth, inexpensive 'true' Thai place - also take-away. Only takes cash.

    L'Annexe, Faubourg du Lac 31

    A place for traditional and non-traditional crêpes. Not many seats available, better to go early or to book a table. Lower budget. Only takes cash.

    La Désobéissance, Fausses-Brayes 19

    Trendy restaurant, very nice modern cuisine in a cosy atmoshpere. Higher budget.

    La Maison des Halles, rue du Trésor 4

    Historical building, varied menu available.

    La Taverne Neuchâteloise, Rue de l'Orangerie 5

    A place where you can taste fondue or raclette.

    Les Bains des Dames, Quai Louis Perrier 1

    Historical women's public bath that was transformed into a restaurant. Try a Swiss fondue while enjoying the view over the lake!

    Les Brasseurs, Faubourg du Lac 1

    A place where you can have burgers, flammküche and traditional meals.

    , Rue de la Pierre-à-Mazel 53

    A nice place for meat-eaters. A bit outside the city-center (nearby the football stadium).

    Pizzeria Fleur-de-Lys, Rue du Bassin 10

    Popular place for pizzas.

    Thrace de Soie, rue de l'Ecluse 13

    Upper-scale and good quality Thai restaurant


    Brasserie B'Art, Rue J.-L.-Pourtalès 5 (by Hôtel des Arts)

    Recently opened bar with a nice atmosphere which specializes in craft beer from Swiss breweries.

    Bar Au 21, Faubourg du Lac 43

    Bar nearby the University, a nice place to have a coffee during the day or an 'apéro' at the end of the day.

    Bleu Café, Faubourg du Lac 27

    Student café. A nice place to have a beer in a movie-lovers atmosphere.

    Bistrot du Concert, Rue de l'Hotel-de-Ville 4

    Trendy 'bistrot' where you can enjoy tapas with a glass of wine or a cocktail.

    Les Brasseurs, Faubourg du Lac 1

    Micro-brewery where you can taste home-made beer. You can even order a giraffe (3l or 5l) of beer to share.

    Bar King, Rue du Seyon 38

    Student bar and live music place. This is the bar where many Neuchâtelois meet on the weekends.

    Café du Cerf, Rue Ancien-Hôtel-de-Ville 4

    Popular Irish pub and live music place. You can taste a wide variety of beers there and also meet an English-speaking community.

    L'Armourin, Ruelle Dublé 1

    A nice place for a coffee or a drink.

    Good to know:

    In many places, especially the bars and cafés, you can only pay with cash.

    The eating habits in Neuchâtel are 12-13.30 at lunch time and 18.30-22.00 at dinner time. The kitchen usually does not open before 18.00 in most of the restaurants.

    Tipping is moderate: for drinks just round up to the next frank. For food you might give anything between 2 francs or so and 5% or even 7%. The posher the place, the more you tip….

  • Sightseeing


    If you have time to spend in Neuchâtel, there a few places that are worth visiting.
    See: https://www.j3l.ch/en/Z10488/neuchatel-tourism.

    La Collégiale cathedral and the Castle (city center)

    The cathedral and the castle, surrounded by walls, are the most important historical buildings of the city. The castle hosts the city administration today and visitors are not allowed. However, the indoor patio is accessible during the day. The church is freely accessible for visitors during the day (unless there is a service). Have a look at the surroundings (the wall, the convent, the park). Since the castle and the church are on top of a small hill, the view of the city center is nice from there.

    Botanical garden

    A nice park to relax and enjoy nature. Take bus 109 direction Trois-Chênes via Fontaine-André, stop at Ermitage, then walk 5-10 minutes following the signs 'Jardin botannique'.

    Gor du Vauseyon

    A small canyon with wild nature in the middle of the city. A pleasant place to walk and admire old water mills. Take bus 101 direction Cormondrèche, stop at Beauregard, and then follow the sign 'Gor'. You can access the canyon from next to the Hotel Le Prussien.

    Cité Suchard (bus 102 direction Serrières, bus stop: Battieux)

    Neuchâtel used to host the chocolate industry Suchard. You can have a walk around the old factory in Serrières (streets Guillaume-Farel and Clos-de-Serrières). Walking tour available.

    Chaumont tower

    A breath-taking viewpoint over the 3-lakes region and the Alps (if the weather allows). Even if there is fog in the city of Neuchâtel, there are good chances that Chaumont is above the clouds. Take the cable car 111 from La Coudre (bus 107, direction Hauterive, bus stop: La Coudre).

    Laténium, Hauterive (bus 101 direction Marin, bus stop: Laténium)

    In prehistorical times, villages nearby the lake were built on wooden sticks over the water ('pilotis'). The Laténium is a spectacular, modern archeological museum, with exclusive pieces from the Celtic settlements in Switzerland. The outdoor archeological park is free. The location is beautiful, right next to the lake.

    Musée d’art et d’histoire de Neuchâtel (5 min walk from the university, towards the city)

    Museum of art and history of Neuchâtel. Make sure to check out the three Jaquet-Droz automata in the permanent exhibition – they are said to be early ancestors of modern computers!

    Musée d'ethnographie de Neuchâtel (bus 101 direction Corcelles-Cormondrèche, bus stop: Saint-Nicolas/MEN). The city’s well-known museum of ethnography. It has a long history but was recently re-opened after a complete renovation.

    Musée d'histoire naturelle (city center)

    Natural History Museum. There is currently a temporary exhibition based on the international competition 'Wildlife photographer of the year'.

    Musée d'horlogerie, La Chaux-de-fonds (20 min train-ride)

    The Neuchâtel region is also famous for its prolific watch-making industry. The watch museum in La Chaux-de-Fonds is internationally renowned.

  • Transportation


    From the city center (‘Place Pury’), bus 101 (direction: Marin) leaves every 8-10 minutes and bus 121 (direction: Piscines) every 20 minutes. Conference venue bus stop: Université. But it is also a short walking distance (10-15 min).

    From the train station, the small cable car ‘Funambule’ takes you downhill to the university.

    The Neuchâtel area public transportation schedules and network can be found here (in French).

    Train schedules across all Switzerland can be found here.


Police > 117

Feu > 118

Ambulance > 144

L'hôpital est situé à proximité de l'Université> Hôpital Pourtalès, Maladière 45