19 May 2016

PhD Positions in Chemical Ecology/ Natural Products Chemistry

The newly established Laboratory for Bioanalytical Chemistry at the University of Neuchâtel is looking for highly motivated candidates for several PhD projects. The projects are part of ongoing research into chemical communication and secondary metabolism of nematodes and involve:

  • The development of MS-based screens for nematode pheromone analysis.
  • The comparative analysis of nematode pheromones.
  • The isolation, structure elucidation and total synthesis of nematode derived small molecule signals.
  • Their functional characterization in intra- and interspecies as well as cross-kingdom interactions.


1 April 2016

New SNSF projet on the interactions among gastropodes, insects and plants

The FARCE group was awarded a new research project by the Swiss National Science Foundation. The study was conceived in close collaboration with Gaylord Desurmont, the post-doctoral fellow the InvaVOL project that came to terms in 2015. Results obtained with slugs in this project inspired the new project, which will be carried out by a PhD student and a post-doctoral researcher.


22 February 2016

Renewed website

The website of C3E has been restructured and renewed to match those of the other Centres of Competence in style and format.