Pronunciation and oral skills

Practical information

  • Teacher:           Suzana Zink
  • Level:               B1-C1
  • Classroom:      D63, except March 13: B29
  • Address:           Av. du 1er-Mars 26
  • Time:                Wednesday 5:15pm - 6pm
  • Dates:               From February 20 to May 29, 2019
  • Price:               Students/doctoral students UniNE : CHF 126.-
                             Staff and Alumni UniNE : CHF 168.-
                             Students other institutions (EPFL, HE-Arc, etc.) : CHF 168.-
                             Staff other institutions : CHF 182.-

This course is aimed at students who would like to practise speaking and develop a better understanding of different areas of English pronunciation.

There are no special entry requirements. However, this course would suit best learners whose proficiency level is at least A2+/B1. If you are not sure of your level, you can check the evaluation forms on our page "Language courses"

The course will allow students to:

  • master the sounds of English and identify the phonemic symbols used in phonetic transcription
  • recognise homophones, homographs and minimal pairs
  • identify word stress as well as stress changes depending on the word’s grammatical category
  • recognize strong and weak forms
  • identify silent letters in a variety of vocabulary items

The topics covered include: the sounds of English, phonemic symbols, word stress, silent letters, –ed endings in past tense verb forms, connected speech, strong/weak forms. Students will work individually, in pairs or take part in whole-class activities.

The course takes place every week. Additionally, students are required to do ten hours of self-study at the Espace Multimédia d’Auto-apprentissage (E.M.A.)

Students will be required to hand in one oral file at the end of the semester.

The course material is going to be distributed in class. Students are required to contribute CHF 10.- towards the cost of printing and photocopying.



Enrolment is open until February 22

English tutorial

English tutorials are held 4 hours/week:

Monday : 12 - 2pm

Tuesday : 5 - 7pm