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ORCiD: 0000-0002-3279-9190

Research group: Computational ecology


Research interests

As a plant chemical ecologist and biostatistician, I am broadly interested in exploring the functional and quantitative aspects of the chemical diversity produced by the plant kingdom. By studying biotic interactions, characterizing chemistry across plant lineage and environment, and using machine learning tools, my research agenda strives to understand the factors driving phytochemical diversity across space and time and resolve the largely uncovered link between molecular diversity, its structure, and its ecological function. The output of my research spans several fields of research, from fundamental ecology, agronomy, drug discovery or conservation. My work is also in line with the principles of Open Research Data, and I firmly believe that openness and sharing are essential to unravelling the complex chemistry of life.


Main projects

Digital Botanical Gardens Initiative

Earth Metabolome Initiative




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Duthé, V., Odendaal, K., Van der Westhuizen, R., Church, B., Naylor, S., Boshoff, S., ... & Defossez, E. 2023. Reductions in home-range size and social interactions among dehorned black rhinoceroses (Diceros bicornis). Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 120(25), e2301727120.

Defossez, E., Bourquin, J., von Reuss, S., Rasmann, S., & Glauser, G. 2023. Eight key rules for successful data‐dependent acquisition in mass spectrometry‐based metabolomics. Mass Spectrometry Reviews 42(1), 131-143.  

Defossez, E., Pitteloud, C., Descombes, P., Glauser, G., Allard, PM., Walker, T. W. N.., Fernandez-Conradi, P., Wolfender, JL., Pellissier, L., &  Rasmann, S. 2021. Spatial and evolutionary predictability of phytochemical diversity. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, 118(3).

Descombes, P., Pitteloud, C., Glauser, G., Defossez, E., Kergunteuil, A., Allard, P. M., ... & Pellissier, L. 2020. Novel trophic interactions under climate change promote alpine plant coexistence. Science, 370 (6523), 1469-1473.

Defossez, E., Pellissier, L., & Rasmann, S. 2018. The unfolding of plant growth form‐defence syndromes along elevation gradients. Ecology letters, 21(5), 609-618.

Emmanuel Defossez

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