Stella Huynh

Research interests

I am interested in processes at the genomic level underlying adaptation and maintenance of plant species. My PhD project focuses on the comparative phylogeography of eight wild wheat species (four Aegilops polyploids and their diploids progenitors) and of their inhabiting transposable elements (TEs). TEs represent an important fraction of their genome (around 80%), and revealed different evolutionary trajectories following polyploidy, but little is known about the underpinnings of their dynamics.
During my thesis, I will use phylogenomic and phylogeographic approaches to address the processes shaping the evolutionary trajectories of TEs across the natural distribution ranges of wild wheats.


MSc in Ecosystems and Biodiversity management, University of Lille 1, France

August 2014-Present: Phd student in Evolutionary Botany

Stella Huynh




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