Connecting to Electronic Resources

acces a distance.png

All current Unine students, faculty members and staff can freely access the library's electronic journals and resources from any computer connected to the campus network. Access to electronic resources from off-campus or personal devices require authentication with VPN (Virtual private network). When using VPN to access electronic resources, please select "unine-interne" from the drop-down menu as shown on the picture below. Selecting "unine" would not grant access to e-resources.

Once connected to VPN, please visit the e-journals web page for access to a specific title or the database web page for access to quality databases on the library's website. We do not recommend typing the url of an electronic resource into a browser or use a search-engine such as Google because authentication might not work. Using the library's website remains the most efficient way to access electronic resources.

Webaccess is an alternate way to access Unine e-resources remotely using a browser (Webaccess can be found at the bottom of each page on the Unine website). Enter your Unine credentials and in the "adresse" field, paste: www2.unine.ch/bibliotheque Unfortunately, not all e-resources may be accessed using Webaccess. We highly recommend the use of VPN as described above.

VPN is compatible with smartphones and tablets and has IOS as well as Android versions.

For more information on remote access and VPN, please visit the Sitel's website.


If you would like to require help for installig VPN's software on your computer you can contact the Student's IT desk.