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General information

Practical guide with diverse information about the UniNE. 

Information for UniNE employees (mostly in French)

Courses by the University Conference of Western Switzerland (CUSO)

The CUSO proposes numerous doctoral programs, as well as a program of courses and workshops covering the development of general competencies. These include such topics as good oral and written communication skills, project management, and how to write well (and scientifically) in English. These courses and programs are generally free for UniNE doctoral students. 

Of particular interest to Economics and Business students and researchers may be the doctoral program in Behavioral Economics and Experimental Research. 

Connection by distance

SITEL (the IT department of UniNE) offers a platform that allows the use of computer programs by distance, without having to install them on your own computer.

A user guide is found in the box to the right.

SITEL also offers IT courses and solutions for connecting by distance to the UniNE resources (eg. via VPN, web access, etc.), discounts on programs such as the Microsoft Office suite, and more. 

Procedure for exam consultation

The ASECO (with the agreement of the dean, Ms. Dubied) recommends the following procedure when a student wants to consult their exam copy. 

  • At the first consultation, make the student sign the available document (in the box at the right) that attests the completion of the consultation of their copy of the exam (including responding the the students' questions, explanation of the attribution of the points, etc.).
  • If the student requests a second consultation, you can agree to this, however you should copy into your response the "conseiller aux études" (name and address found here), and notify the student that the consultation will only be for 10 minutes and there will be no response to questions, nor explanation of the grades, etc. as this has already been done during the first consultation. Then, during the consultation, make the student sign the document for their attendance the second time.  
  • If the student requests a third consultation, you are requested to contact the office of the dean (address here).