Students may receive 6 ECTS toward the completion of Bloc 2, for a  professional internship in an English-speaking work place in Switzerland or abroad. The LAP teaching program can count as an internship in addition to fulfilling the study abroad requirement (see Study Abroad)

The "Professional Internship" is for students who wish to strengthen their practical experience and prepare and prepare for the world of work. It can be done during the academic year or during the summer, in an English-speaking workplace in Switzerland or in an English-speaking country. The conditions of the internship, including the method of evaluation, must be approved in advance by the director of the Institute of English. A minimum internship of four to six weeks is required, or the equivalent of 150 hours of work (= 6

Professional internships abroad may be obtained through Studex or SOL . To organize an internship on your own, we also suggest the following sites:


Leonardo da Vinci - Stages 

In Britain:

WorldWide Volunteering
Institute of Hospitality Year of Learning  

Sample report for internship

Internship Report - Carollayne Alves.pdf (96.11 KB)