Students are not employed by the University and will therefore retain the ownership of the Intellectual Property (IP) they create.
Students who agree to partake in a collaborative project with external parties are required to transfer to the University their rights in any IP they may create so as to ensure that the University can fulfill its contractual obligations towards the external partner. Upon transfer of project IP rights to the University, the student will be treated as any other employee of the University with respect to the distribution of revenues generated from the IP.

Depending on the type of project it may be necessary to keep project results secret. The student  will need to understand and agree to this confidentiality obligation.

If during his work with the University a student has created commercially interesting results and would like the University to manage the IP, the student will have to transfer the rights in the IP to the University. With regards to the management of the IP and the sharing of revenues arising from the commercialization of the IP, the University will treat the student like any other researcher employed by UniNE.

For more information please contact the Tech Transfer Office TTO.