The SFM uses its excellent research capacity in the areas of migration and population studies to collate information dossiers or prepare expert analyses and evaluations. The institute conducts mandated research for public and private organizations and participates in research projects of the Swiss National Science Foundation (SNSF). As a competence centre for migration issues the SFM is active in European research networks specializing in these areas.    

  • Fundamental and applied research at the national and international level 
  • Mandated research
  • Expert reports and evaluations

Tuition and Consultation

Besides research and offering courses for the master's degree our services include expert consultation and information. We also organize specialized training, colloquia and seminars on migration issues. The SFM pays particular attention to the valorization of research and the transfer of knowledge to an interested public.

Documentation Centre

The SFM documentation centre maintains a library documenting topics relevant to migration and population studies with a focus on the Swiss situation. Our comprehensive collection of literature, journals and articles is open to the public. This collection is unique in Switzerland.

  • Specialied library
  • Bibliographic database


New Publications

  • Fibbi, Rosita et Philipp Schnell (2016). "Unequal Pathways. School-to-Work Trajectories of Children of Turkish and Western- Balkan Origin in Switzerland and Austria." Swiss Journal of Sociology, 42(2), pp. 265-288.
  •   Full text
  • Tissot, Florian (2016). "Highly-Skilled Labour Migration in Switzerland: Household Strategies and Professional Careers" Working Paper Series “Gender, Diversity and Migration.” 10, Faculty of Social Sciences, Goethe University Frankfurt.
  • Morlok, Michael, Andrea Oswald et Harald Meier, Denise Efionayi-Mäder, Didier Ruedin et Dina Bader, Philippe Wanner (2015). "Les sans-papiers en Suisse en 2015." B,S,S. Volkswirtschaftliche Beratung, en coopération avec le SFM et l'Université de Genève. B,S,S.: Bâle.
  • Fibbi, Rosita and Jasmine Truong (2015). "Parental involvement and educational success in Kosovar families in Switzerland." Comparative Migration Studies, 3(13).
  • Van der Brug, Wouter, Gianni D’Amato, Didier Ruedin, and Joost Berkhout (2015). The Politicisation of Migration. Routledge.