Marco Pecoraro


I am a lecturer in the MSc in Applied Economics at the University of Neuchâtel. I also work as a scientific collaborator at the Institute of Economic Research and at the Swiss Federal Statistical Office.


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Current positions

> Scientific collaborator

Institute of Economic Research

University of Neuchâtel


Swiss Federal Statistical Office

Education System section (BILD-S)


> Teaching

>> Empirical Research (5ER2041)


>> Economics of Migration (2SC2090)

>> Discrimination (2SC2099)

Research fields

Labour Economics, Education Economics, Population Economics, Statistics and Applied Econometrics

Peer-reviewed publications


'Does Educational Mismatch Affect Emigration Behaviour?', European Journal of Population, 37:959–995, 2021 (with Philippe Wanner and Massimiliano Tani).


'Occupational exposure to foreigners and attitudes towards equal opportunities', Migration Studies, 8(3):382-423, 2020 (with Didier Ruedin).


'Educational mismatch and promotions to managerial positions: A test of the career mobility theory', Applied Economics, 49(12):1226-1240, 2017 (with Philipp Grunau).


'A Foreigner Who Does not Steal My Job: The Role of Unemployment Risk and Values in Attitudes toward Equal Opportunities'International Migration Review, 50(3):628-666, 2016 (with Didier Ruedin).


'The incidence and wage effects of overeducation using vertical and horizontal mismatch in skills: Evidence from Switzerland', International Journal of Manpower , 37(3):536-555, 2016. 


'Is there still a wage penalty for being overeducated but well-matched in skills? A panel data analysis of a Swiss graduate cohort'Labour, 28(3):309–337, 2014.

Ph.D. thesis

"Incidence and wage effects of educational mismatch in the Swiss labour market"

under the supervision of​ Professors Muriel Dejemeppe and  Bruno Van der Linden

Catholic University of Louvain (Louvain-la-Neuve), Belgium

Other publications

'Does the recognition of foreign credentials decrease the risk for immigrants of being mismatched in education or skills?' in: Migrants and Expats: The Swiss Migration and Mobility Nexus. Springer International Publishing, 2019 (with Philippe Wanner)


'The gender gap in mental health: Immigrants in Switzerland', in: Women's Mental Health: Resistance and Resilience in Community and Society. Springer International Publishing, 2015 (with Jehane Simona Moussa and Didier Ruedin)


'Devenir Suisse. Les facteurs intervenant dans le choix de se naturaliser', in: Wanner, Philippe (ed.),   La démographie des étrangers en Suisse . Zurich: Seismo, 2012


'Rester ou partir: les déterminants de l'émigration hors de Suisse', in: Wanner, Philippe (ed.),   La démographie des étrangers en Suisse . Zurich: Seismo, 2012


Gender, brain waste and job-education mismatch among migrant workers in Switzerland, International Migration Papers 111, Geneva: ILO, 2011, download pdf


'Highly skilled migrants in the Swiss labour market with a special focus on migrants from developing countries', in: Scientific diasporas as development partners. Skilled migrants from Colombia, India and South Africa in Switzerland: empirical evidence and policy responses. Chapter 4, pages 179-195, 2010,    download pdf