Why Neuchâtel?

Nowadays, university studies are no longer limited to following courses and exercises in any given university. New opportunities are offered to students in order for them to gain extra study skills in the curriculum they have chosen. The chances of finding a job are much greater if the student incorporates these new new parameters, such as:

  • command of languages
  • acquisition of skills in specific fields
  • contact with the world of work

In this context, students can follow language courses, consider a stay in a foreign country or in another Swiss university, as well as an internship. All the resulting steps must respect the procedures set up by the Faculty of Economics and Business. For more information, do not hesitate to contact the Academic advisor who will guide you through the various stages of your project.

  • For high-level education responding to the labour market needs
  • To study in French and in English
  • To gain practical experience during internships
  • For the attention and the support given to students

Vincent Bourruz