Career prospects

With a Bachelor degree

First and foremost, this programme is intended for people who are considering further university education at Master degree level in all areas of management (finance, information systems, marketing, human resources management, international business development) and economics (public economy, global economy, econometrics, environmental economics, health economics, etc.)

For the people interested in teaching economics at superior secondary level, this course of study is a prerequisite before entering a teacher training college (Haute école pédagogique).

If you want to further your education in our faculty, a single click will allow you to learn about the programmes that we offer.

We wish you well in your future studies ...

  • Management positions in public or private companies at national and international level
  • Cantonal and federal public administrations
  • Teaching
  • International organizations
  • Economic journalism

With a Master degree

  • Applied Economics

    The training provided in the framework of MScAPEC is tailor-made for subsequent employment in public entities at all levels, international organizations and NGOs. These competencies are also of interest for private firms, including financial institutions, which often need in-house expertise in economic analysis. Graduates willing to pursue their studies immediately after their master’s degree or after acquiring a few years of professional experience can do so by joining a doctoral programme – offered by the IRENE- in a Swiss or foreign institution of higher education. Read more...

  • Finance

    Students are trained for a broad range of financial positions: financial analyst, portfolio manager (stocks, bonds, hedge funds, etc.), investment advisor in financial institutions or insurance companies, chief financial officer, consultant, regulator and teacher at university (after a PhD). Read more...

  • Information Systems

    At the end of this rigorous programme, graduates will be able to hold varied positions related to ICT: chief information project, information systems analyst, information systems architect, Chief Technology Officer, Chief Information Officer, logistic manager, information security officer, business analyst, etc. Read more...

  • International Business Development

    Job perspectives following the completion of this programme include SMEs, large organizations, NGO and other international organisations, as well as various institutions working with or for the SMEs. The economy’s need for well-trained managers in international business extends the job market potential to numerous developed countries, as well as emerging or developing countries.e staff selection, placement, training, or development, career management, organisational development and change, improvement of the quality of work, or ergonomics. Read more...

  • Journalism

    Potential employers include most of the media of the French-speaking part of Switzerland TSR, RSR, newspapers, private radio and television channels, news agencies, digital media), who are the Academy of Journalism and Media (AJM) partners, particularly so for internships. The required foreign language skills provide job opportunities throughout Switzerland. The Master in Journalism is internationally recognised and is one of the only trainings which provides access to foreign media firms. Read more...

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