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Welcome to the library of economics and business!

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Our team




Sandra Gambs
tél. +41 32 718 13 43

Linda Piccolo
tél. +41 32 718 20 73

Aronne Watkins
tél. +41 32 718 11 98


Our services

  • Advanced literature search. Selective and exhaustive bibliographies for all your academic works
  • Quick delivery of documents (print and online)
  • Research support
  • Data management on the UniNE publications portal and RERO DOC
  • Materials and chargers check-out
  • Bibliographic data migration between programs (RIS, csv, RTF, .enl, XML, txt, ...) 
  • Inter library loan
  • Help and content creation for Moodle
  • ​Guidance and support for Open Access publishing
  • Help with account setup in ORCID
  • Bibliography and citations corrections
  • Help and troubleshooting for reference management software, personnalized citation styles creation and modification
  • Literature watch
  • ​Information booths
  • Courses and workshops
  • ​Acquisitions
  • ​...and any service not listed here but that may be useful to you!



Journalism lit. search - Watch video on Moodle (French)

Literature search and management - Watch video on Moodle (French)

Locating scientific monographs - Watch video on Moodle (French)

Presenting with Prezi - Watch video on Moodle (French)

Marketing lit. search - Watch video on Moodle (French)


100'000 monographs and 300 journals. Topics: Political economy - History of economic thought - Swiss economy - Finance - Public economics - Management - Human resources - Marketing - Information management - Quantitative methods  - Journalism

The library also provides free wifi, a printer, computers and working stations, daily newspapers, a gift shop, whiteboards and Everblocks.

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