17 November Graduation day
8 November Information day Bachelor and Masters
20 September Conference by F. Zumbrunnen  Le développement durable au sein du groupe Migros: enjeux et défis
16 May Conference by Prof. Gilbert Casasus: "Au lendemain de la présidentielle française, 2017, une année cruciale pour l’Europe"
3 May

Maxime Rüede, student of the Master in Finance, received  the 2017 Association cantonale des banques neuchâteloises (ACBN) merit scholarship. (Picture: M.Cafiso) More

27 April Master in innovation tchat
April Congratulations to Cécile Hediger, of the Institute of economic research (IRENE), for her third position of the contest "My PhD in 180 seconds"!
6 April Conférence: "La politique monétaire de la BNS: les défis actuels"
5 April Masters tchat
4 April What career prospects after studying finance?
22 March Conference: "New Deal: un partenariat gagnant"
February Congratulations to our five MScF students for their very high ranking in the 2017 final in Zurich.
31 January Professor in Finance, Michel Dubois, talks about the Brexometer Brexometer.jpg


13 December The assistant professor in advertising of the IENE, Linda Lemarié, has been interviewed by the RTS on "Le marketing et ses techniques au service de l'environnement". Listen to her interview
23 November Inaugural lecture by Prof. Linda Lemarié
18 November Graduation day  
9 November Information day Bachelor and Masters  
28 September Inaugural conference by Jean-Pierre Roth: Quels sont les secrets derrière le succès de l'économie suisse?  
16 June

Bike to work : l'IRENE-IMI winners of «Bike to work 2016» launched by ProVél. Read more

9 June Sidita Hasa, laureate of the 2016 ACBN merit scholarship
27 May The RBI from an economic point of view: Interview by with the prof. Milad Zarin  
26 May Conference by Gero Jung, Chief Economist Mirabaud Asset Management (Suisse) SA: "Bremain ou Brexit: les considérations économiques prendront-elles le dessus?"
23 April Business Open of Jeune Consulting
6 April  Workshop on careers after the MScECON
22 March Franc fort : La fin de l'économie neuchâteloise?
16 March Inaugural lecture by Prof. Dubied: "Le journalisme d'investigation à l'ère du numérique: du mythe au renouvellement"
10 March My PhD in 180 seconds : Congratulation to Xiqian Zhang (1st) and Leila Schwab (3rd)
25 February Five students of the Master of Science in Finance rank 2nd overall in the 2016 CFA Institute Research Challenge Switzerland
10 February Conference of the  Société neuchâteloise des Sciences économiques by Laurent Kurth: "2016 : Neuchâtel joue son avenir"
25 January The UniNE in the Top 20 of the World's Best Small Universities by Times Higher Education


7 December Conference of the Société neuchâteloise des Sciences économiques by Alain Barbey: "Projet de mobilité, moteur du développement économique ?"
24 November

Laurent Frésard and Joachim Marti, laureates of the 2015 Prix Nexans

23 November

The Faculty organises a conference on the occasion of the 2015 Prix Nexans: "L'innovation dans le secteur de la santé: enjeux et opportunités"

3 November

Professor Valéry Bezençon analyzes consumer behaviour regarding Christmas shopping

2 November Conference by Yuko Harayama, organized with the Faculty of Science: "La politique d'innovation au Japon: un exemple à suivre pour la Suisse ?"
27 October Horizon 2030: Enjeux et défis des objectifs du développement durable
22-23 October

News media development and sustainability in Africa: International Conference organized by the AJM

17 October Secomania: 12th edition on the theme of A Thousand and One Nights
6 October

New media: the IMI and the AJM are part of the WAN-IFRA innovation project

October Jean-Marie Grether and the IRENE on the way to a sustainable world in the Uninews n°38: "En route vers un monde durable"
23 September Leçon inaugurale by prof. Peter Fiechter: "La juste valeur: amie ou ennemie?"
18 September

According to Annik Dubied, since newspapers appeared, minor news are still a cause for fascination

16 September Conference by Fabrice Filliez, Ambassador, State Secretariat for International Financial Matters: "Les défis de la place financière suisse – perception et réalité"
9-11 September

The Institute of Financial Analysis had the honor to welcome Prof. Mary E. Barth, Stanford University, Graduate School of Business

26 June-1st July

22nd EurOMA Conference: Operations Management for Sustainable Competitiveness

25 June Conference organized by the SNSE with Stefan Meiherhans, Price supervisor of the Federal Department of Economic Affairs, Education and Research: "La différence entre le pain et l’eau. Réflexions sur la concurrence pour des prix équitables et une politique de prix transparente"
18 June Football tournament: Secomania Football Cup
26 May

Albian Albrahimi, 2015 laureate of the ACBN merit scholarship, worth 10'000 francs

5 May Benjamin Tissot-Daguette, assistant PhD candidate at the IRENE, went on mission to Nepal with the rescue team of REDOG
28 April

The Gazette of the Book and Press Fair created by AJM students

25 April
The Business Open, the 22nd tennis competition organized by Jeune Consulting
23 April Faculty party organized by the ANESE and Secomania
26 March Card game competition organized by Secomania
23 March Conférence exceptionnelle du nouveau pôle romand en journalisme et communication: Les métiers du journalisme et de la communication et leurs mutations à l'ère du numérique
20 March

"Zéro frontalier": les entreprises pourraient-elles y arriver? Sylvain Weber, from the Institute of economic research, guest on En Ligne Directe

19 March

Conference IRENE 'Ressource bois': Le défi de la mobilisation des ressources de la forêt privée by François Godi

12 March

Conference SNSE with Jean-Charles Rochet: "Europe et défis monétaires: L'Etat de l'Union (bancaire) après Siriza"

5 March
Conference IRENE 'Ressource bois': Comptes économiques de la sylviculture by Franz Murbach
4 March Choosing a master: the answers to your questions
March Francis Favre and the SNSE in the last Uninews
25 February Five MScF students took part in the prestigious Swiss CFA Institute Research Challenge, in Zurich, on 25 February 2015. They ranked 2nd for Presentation and 3rd for Report.
19 February FSE and FNSE present "Les 100 jours du Conseiller d'Etat Laurent Favre"  
20 January

Congratulations to Mickael Feissli, student of the Master in International Business Development, for winning the Public choice prize of the Night Lights competition by collecting the greatest number of ‘Likes’ (120) with his picture "Entre Cudrefin et Portalban"

  Great events in 2014report
9 December Opening ceremony of the new building of the Faculty of Economics and Business
1 November

Didier Burkhalter and Yuko Harayama received a doctorate honoris causa during the 2014 Dies Academicus

23 October The social media, a new challenge for war reporters: it is the subject of the doctoral thesis of Victoria Sacco (AJM), "Global Crisis Reporting: How social media influences media coverage of war and conflict?"
16 July Congratulations from the dean and all the faculty to Mr Emilien Barben, our student in the Master in International Business Development, for his title in the World University Cycling Championship!
7 May

Congratulations to Sébastien Costa and Adrien Voltolini, two of our students of the Master in Finance, who were awarded the Prix Banques Neuchâteloises!

26 February Four MScF students took part in the prestigious Swiss CFA Institute Research Challenge, in Zürich, on 26 February 2014. They ranked 1st for Best Presentation and 2nd Overall. Congratulations to Anastasiia Medianovska, Johan Barbezat, David Wehrli and Lorena Zini!
25 February Video talks sharing results useful for everyday life from research in Work Psychology
6 February Interview RTS (Radio Télévision Suisse) of Annik Dubied, director of the AJM: Is the "dictatorship of emotion" getting in the way of the justice system? (In French)
19 January

The Faculty of Economics and Business is part of the new Competence Center on energy research and transition



20 December Interview RTN (Radio Télévision Neuchâtel) of Annik Dubied, director of the Academy of Journalism and Media
17 December

Stéphane Walker, student of the Faculty and also Swiss figure skating champion, was honoured by Jean-Marie Grether, Dean of the Faculty of Economics and Business and Martine Rahier, rector of the University!

9 December Congratulations to Stéphane Walker, student of the Faculty, Swiss figure skating champion once again!
5 December Congratulations to Didier Burkhalter (economics degree in our faculty) for his election as President of the Confederation!
20 November Congratulations to our student Stéphane Walker, who won the Warsaw Cup 2013. He will be defending his ice skating Swiss champion title during the Swiss competition Elite which will take place from December 5 to 7 in La Chaux-de-Fonds.
11 October Workplace and productivity: an article by Franziska Tschan (IPTO) on the influence of spatial arrangement in offices  
29 August
Journalism and communication: a partnership between the Universities of Neuchâtel and Geneva  
27 June Researchers of the Institute of Work and Organizational Psychology study the stereotypes linked to genre during job interviews
20 June

Nathan Kunz obtains the Outstanding Paper Award 2013 for a study on humanitarian logistics

31 May Prize of the Neuchâtel banks: congratulations to our student Bruno Ribeiro!
29 May A study of the Unine and the University of Tillburg (Netherlands): A female speaker becomes more convincing when she looks at the photo of a female leader
24 April "L'insoutenable légèreté de l'efficacité énergétique": introductory lecture by Prof. Mehdi Farsi
20 March The economic potential of Swiss forests: three professors of economics of the Unine, in collaboration with the HEG-Ge, tackle the challenge of improving the logging industry in Switzerland
13 March New programme at the Unine: Bachelor in sustainable development, an interdisciplinary programme joining science and economics
1 February

Survey by Cinzia Dal Zotto, Stéphane Matteo and Claude Jeanrenaud (AJM): young people enjoy listening to the radio and they make it clear!



19 December "La crise de la zone euro et le rôle des statistiques", an article of Prof. Dr. Milad Zarin (IRENE) in Le Temps
4 December "Réussir l’entretien d’embauche comportemental": un ouvrage d'Adrian Bangerter (IPTO), Nicolas Roulin et Urs Wüthrich, destiné aux employeurs et recruteurs, et qui présente une méthode pour "identifier et sélectionner les futurs employés performants"
16 November Graduation Ceremony 2012
18 October CAS "Entreprises et Egalité": Une formation continue pour promouvoir l’égalité femmes-hommes dans les entreprises
2 October Gaëtan Cousin et Marianne Schmid Mast (IPTO) ont reçu le premier prix de la recherche 2012 de Sandoz (Prix IHAMB) pour leur étude "Quand l'expression d'incertitudes par le médecin a un impact négatif sur la satisfaction des patients: Une étude genre"
19 September Conference: "Les buts du droit de la concurrence"
18 September New students Welcome Day
12 September Public debate: RER/TransRUN: yes or no?
29 June

Interview of professor Milad Zarin on the European monetary union

5 June

AJM Journal: Publication of the students of the Academy of Journalism and Media: "Quand la presse fait mal"

March A study on diabetes : "The direct medical cost of diabetes (estimate for the canton of Vaud)" by the Institute of Economic Research

Research of the Institute of Work and Organizational Psychology (IPTO) on female role models in leadership: "Les femmes championnes de l'auto-sabotage"

22 February

The Institute of Work and Organizational Psychology on the website of Planète San+é: "La communication des médecins hommes et femmes"


"Des jeunes talents dans les entreprises", the Centre of Excellence in the monthly magazine "repères" of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Neuchâtel

14 December Congratulations to Alain Berset, Doctor of the Faculty, for his election to the Federal Council !
11 December Stéphane Walker, student of the Bachelor in Economics and Business, finishes second of the Swiss Figure Skating Championships
6 December John Crombez, former Master student of the Faculty of Economics and Business, is appointed State Secretary for the Fight against Tax and Social Fraud of the Belgian Government
16 November 2011 Graduation Ceremony of the Faculty of Economics and Business
16 November Nicolas Roulin was awarded the 2011 Prix Nexans
15 November Nathan Kunz reçoit un prix pour son essai "A critical view on global supply chains"
11 November Interview du doyen Gerald Reiner sur la formation dispensée dans la Faculté
November Adrian Bangerter and Marianne Schmidt Mast, professors of the Institute of Work and Organizational Psychology, in the Uninews
21 October Yuko Harayama, de l'Institut de recherches économiques, a reçu L'ordre national de la Légion d'Honneur
  Beginning of a partnership between the Centre d'Excellence and HR Neuchâtel
  Congratulations to Joachim Marti on his post-doctorate at Yale University !

Economic evaluation of the TransRUN project : two reports of the Institute of Economic Research (IRENE): "TransRUN et finances publiques", "TransRUN et analyse coûts-bénéfices"

19 August Mélanie Gay, who obtained her Bachelor of Science in Economics and Business at the University of Neuchâtel, comes in third place at the Shenzhen Universiades