Mobility IN


Students who wish to do a mobility stay in the Faculty of Economics and Business must use the forms issued by their home university. They are to send their learning agreement to the Bureau des immatriculations, duly signed by their home university, one month before the courses begin:

  • July 10 for the Autumn semester
  • November 10 for the Spring semester

Once the application is accepted by the home university and the Faculty of Economics and Business, the Students exchange office will send the necessary forms and information.

Upon admittance to the Faculty of Economics and Business, Mobility IN students take part in a welcoming session organised by the Mobility office. During this session, they will receive their UniNE student card as well as access to computing resources (e-mails,  IS-Academia for the registration to courses and exams and Moodle so as to access course material).

Moreover, it is highly recommended to regularly consult the website of the Faculty of Economics and Business, where the possible cancellations, course or room changes are indicated. The Secretariat of the Faculty of Economics and Business also sends other information to the students e-mail address.

For any question as regard to the study plan, mobility students can contact the student advisor.


All Bachelor and Master courses, projects and exercises given by the Faculty of Economics and Business are accessible to Mobility IN students. However, some courses or projects may need the agreement of the professor (make inquiries beforehand).

Mobility IN students may choose their courses freely within the framework of requirements of their home university.

Registering for courses: students register for the chosen courses, on the IS-Academia platform, by using the user name and the password which is given to them at the beginning of the semester. Course material, PowerPoint slides and other information specific to every course are available on the Moodle course platform.

It is also possible to follow courses of economics and business in the Universities of Bern or Fribourg (BeNeFri convention) as well as Lausanne or Geneva (Triangle Azur). Mobility in Lausanne or Geneva is however only possible for courses which are not taught in Neuchâtel.

For more information about the registration terms and deadlines: BeNeFri and Triangle Azur. Students must however make sure of the agreement of the UniNE and the home university beforehand.


Every year, the Faculty of Economics and Business organises two exam sessions as well as a retake session: the 1st session (January), the 2nd session (June) and the retake session (August-September). The registration for exams can only be done by Internet, via IS-Academia, within the deadlines.

Academic tools

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See all the academic tools (IS-Academia, course descriptions, Moodle, Pidho, Pidex, Webmail)