Changing orientation for the 3rd year

When you have registered for the Bachelor programme, you have chosen an orientation for the 3rd year. If you did not choose any orientation, you are automatically registered in "Management".


  • You have the opportunity to change orientation (36 ECTS) according to your preferences and the studies you anticipate to pursue. For instance, if you wish to register to the master in finance, you are much more prepared if you follow the Comptabilité/Finance orientation.
  • 24 ECTS must be chosen in the others orientations.


  • Fill in the form attached.
  • Do not fill in the darker box at the bottom of the form (dedicated to the students of the faculty of Humanities).
  • Send by email to the SIM or drop it off in their letter box.


  • Ideally before the start of the 3rd year.
  • Deadline: end of the registration to courses - No change after that deadline.


Please note that this does not concern students in the pre-master programs.