Master of Science in Biology

The Master of Science in Biology offers a program that permits students to select their field of specialization and acquire a diverse range of transferable skills. This Master begins with a core of courses that covers key topics in biology, with particular emphasis on methodological and quantitative aspects. The Master program extends into courses in seven specialized fields representing the research topics for which the Institute of Biology, UniNE is particularly renowned. Students choose two of the seven specializations, of which one corresponds to the topic of their Master thesis.

Structure of the programme

  • The 1st semester of the Master program consists of a common core that focuses on fundamental concepts and methods in biology. Particular emphasis is placed on laboratory methods (molecular, chemical), quantitative tools (statistics, modelling, bioinformatics), scientific writing, and ethical aspects. Students also have the opportunity to participate in field excursions (alpine, marine, Mediterranean and tropical ecosystems) or to do internships to obtain workplace experience.
  • The 2nd semester of the Master program involves course work, mini-research projects and internships in two of the seven fields of specializations. Students develop a research plan in one of these fields, which forms the basis of their Master thesis during the 2nd year of the program.
  • The Master thesis research project (60 ECTS) allows students to develop their abilities in critical thinking, their organizational skills, and their intellectual and scientific independence.

Person in charge of the programme

Prof. Klaus Zuberbuehler
tél. +41 32 718 31 05

Detailed curriculum



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Curriculum current masters in biology 2013-2014

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