Sustainable Mobility

Bicycle sharing system

Cycling is not only the most efficient means of transport in an urban area, but also the fastest and cheapest. In addition, it helps to reduce the impact of automobile traffic. In order to encourage cycling and make a positive contribution towards sustainable development, the University of Neuchatel has joined the city of Neuchâtel in its project Neuchâtelroule! This partnership provides the University community with a costless and simple means of transportation from April to October. Students can rent and reserve Neuchâtelroule! bicycles free of charge for the whole season.

Further information: Neuchâtelroule! (in French)

Neuchâtel car pooling

Car pooling combines economy, ecology and sociability. In keeping with its strategy of sustainable development, UniNE has joined the neuchatel-covoiturage.ch network, which provides an efficient way of bringing together commuters going in the same direction and willing to travel together in the same car. Neuchatel-covoiturage.ch brings the University community together with employees of many companies and institutions in the region, representing a total of over 8000 people.

Futher information: Neuchâtel-covoiturage (in French)