Why choose the University of Neuchatel

Commitment to inspired and inspiring teaching 

What distinguishes the University of Neuchatel above all else is the quality of its teaching staff. When hiring, we ensure that every teacher has advanced skills and an international reputation within his or her area of research. As a result, our professors are extremely passionate about what they teach - but that's not all. To teach at the UniNE, they must also meet high pedagogical standards so that they can share their knowledge in an inspiring way for their students.

A quick peruse through our Research and Publication portal will help you get to know better some of our professors.

A congenial place to study

Unlike larger universities, anonymity doesn't rule the roost at the University of Neuchatel. On the contrary, people get to know one another - they discuss and exchange ideas, and students frequently run into their teachers out of class. There is a sense of solidarity and support between students, in particular between advanced students and beginners. This allows you to build friendships which will last you throughout your professional career and your life outside it. 

Unique teaching methods

At the University of Neuchatel, students participate actively in lessons, aiding comprehension and increasing work efficiency. Groupwork, seminars and excursions are frequently organized, unlike in larger universities in which these forms of teaching are often unavailable, given that upwards of one hundred students may attend one course.

Students from the world over

The University of Neuchatel has an international reputation: 21% of the student body comes from outside Switzerland (approximately 100 nationalities). Such a cultural diversity is a great asset, both in terms of teaching and atmosphere on campus.

Engaging students in research  

Thanks to the relatively small size of the University of Neuchatel, students can be active participants rather than just an audience. They are initiated into the production of knowledge very early in their studies. Moreover bachelor students (in some fields) and master students have the opportunity to participate in projects with PhD students and other researchers.

Engaging master students in research opens up attractive prospects for professional development. Indeed, many institutes of the University of Neuchatel have established linkages with firms on the national and international level.