La plateforme Philojotter est destinée à réunir les différents événements concernant la philosophie à travers le monde en un calendrier unique simple et clair.

Sur cet outil facile d’accès, il est possible de préciser ses centres d’intérêt et sa situation géographique dafin de se tenir informer des divers conférences, séminaires, parutions d’ouvrage ou autre événement pouvant vous concerner. Il est par ailleurs permis à chaque membre de rendre publique toute information philosophique dont il serait organisateur ou acteur.

Pour vous inscrire, rendez-vous simplement sur le site de Philojotter.

Ci-dessous, le descriptif détaillé de la plateforme par le comité Philojotter.Dear All,

Dear All,

We are glad to announce that we have upgraded
Philojotter , an easy to use tool for staying updated about philosophical events around the world. We believe in mailing lists and newsletter services, but we also need a more immediate way of staying attuned with the academic environment and immediately getting to know about what’s going on in our areas (and sub-areas) of specialization.

Philojotter is an open and totally free platform that allows you to share information about conferences, seminars, workshops, cfp, book presentations, as well as to search for them according to several different criteria (i.e. topics, location, date). Therefore, PhiloJotter perfectly fits with our need to be international, to be quick at searching and posting events, and to have a clear calendar for our philosophical activities. The platform offers agreat way of being connected with all its users and institutional members. Starting from the events, you will discover scholars with your same interests in the research, and you will be informed through an advanced system of notifications of all their activities. Doing research will become much easier.

Accessing PhiloJotter is very easy: you just need to sign up…and create your account!

Three access formats are available: you can register as a personal user, as an institution (e.g. department, society, association, research center, etc.), or as a publisher (e.g. journals). Publishers will be also able to post new books and journal editors-in-chief can post new issues, tagging all contributors.

Join PhiloJotter!

Philojotter Team