Press releases 2011

date title
16.11.2011 A poison as an indicator of food
06.09.2011 Improving maize’s resistance by using bacteria
06.09.2011 Fertilisers against plant diseases
05.09.2011 Plants on the defensive in Neuchâtel
05.09.2011 Helping plants defend themselves
29.08.2011 Invasive plants: controlling ragweed with insects
untitled Plant-insect interactions: 1.6 million francs for an interdisciplinary project
15.08.2011 Discovery of an essential enzyme for vitamin K1 production in plants
30.06.2011 Plant biology: Neuchâtel on the front page
14.04.2011 Pollination: the genetics of scent
20.01.2011 biologists at UniNE coordinate a two million francs European project
10.01.2011 NCCR Plant Survival: big in Japan !