Season’s salad at the University of Neuchâtel

Press release of August 27, 2012

Potatoes, tomatoes, petunia, chilli pepper are highlighted at the 9th Solanaceae Conference Sol 2012 hosted by the University of Neuchâtel until 30 August 2012. The solanaceous plant family at the centre of this scientific meeting comprises some widely consumed vegetables and spices. The organizing committee is chaired by Felix Kessler, head of the Laboratory of Plant Physiology at UniNE and member of the NCCR Plant Survival. More than 230 scientists from all over the world are participating in the event.
Many discussions should focus on tomato, which genome as just been decoded by an international consortium of specialists. This discovery has been published end of May 2012 in the prestigious journal Nature.
Professor Cris Kuhlemeier, vice-director of the NCCR Plant Survival, will chair a session focusing on plant growth and development. His research group at the University of Berne notably studies the genes that are involved in the pollination of petunia. On this occasion, Anna Brandenburg, post-doctoral fellow at the universities of Berne and Neuchâtel, will mention on Wednesday 29August her research about the effect of nectar on petunia pollination by insects.


Location: Aula des Jeunes Rives
Espace Louis-Agassiz
2000 Neuchâtel

President of the Swiss organizing committee:
Prof. Felix Kessler
Laboratoire de physiologie végétale
Tél. : +41 32 718 22 92

General coordination:
Dr Sandrine Gouinguené
Institut de biologie
Tel: +41 32 718 25 04