Research 2009-2013

workpackages (WP) and subprojects

Workpackage 1: Plant fitness and abiotic interactions

WP 1.1: Chloroplast metabolism
WP 1.2: Dynamics of mycorrhiza formation

Workpackage 2: Plant antagonists and mutualists 

WP 2.1: Exploiting inducible root defences for pest control
WP 2.2: Genetic dissection of pollination syndromes in Petunia 
WP 2.3: Influence of host plant traits and natural enemies on the evolution of host specificity in a tritrophic system

Workpackage 3: Spread and impact of invasive plants

WP 3.1: Invasiveness and ecosystem impact below and above the species level: refining and extending the Centaurea maculosa model
WP 3.2: Determinants and impacts of plant spread and invasion: a comparative and experimental approach 

WP 4: Statistics and modelling