Equal opportunities

NCCR Plant Survival is committed to the advancement of women in science. An equal opportunities (EO) office has been launched with the goal to contribute to a successful career planning of women at various academic levels.

Some financial measures are offered for eligible members of the NCCR Plant Survival. All PhD students females registred in the NCCR Plant Survival Graduate School, or males if their female partner at the time of application pursues an academic career, may be eligible to receive a supplementary family allocation for financial aid for childcare (day nursery, day-care center, nanny, aupair....). This amount of 250.- / month maximum by couple is reimbursed by sending the following form (form_eo.pdf) with the presentation of original receipts to MCU accountant.- See Eligibility criteria.

In collaboration with the EO office of the University of Neuchâtel, a personal consulting/information service is offered to PhD students and postdocs covering aspects of career planning, networking, funding, and childcare.