Financial support and TT partners

financial support

Here are listed some organizations that might provide fînancial support for applied research projects

KTI/CTI: Innovation Promotion Agency
Project Eureka
Project Interreg
Marie Curie actions

Co-operative Research projects (CRAFT)
SME collective research

TT partners

The partners come from areas such as research, education, counselling, and communication, including mainly the following institutions:

Agridea, Swiss Centre for Agricultural Extension
CABI Bioscience Centre, Delémont
Institut Technologie du vivant, Haute Ecole Valaisanne, Sion
The Ark, Phytoark, Sion
Research Institute of Organic Agriculture-FiBL, Frick
Swiss Biodiversity Forum, Bern
Swiss College of Agriculture-SHL, Zollikofen
University of Applied Sciences, Wädenswil



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