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For students enrolled at the University of Lausanne:

An online registration form is available at this address.

The student will receive the login details (username and password) that will enable him/her to register for the courses and exams in IS-Academia, following the procedure below.

Where and how to register

For course registration:

All registrations must be performed on the computer system.

  • Requirement to register at the beginning of the semester, for each course the student wish to follow, within the deadlines given by the academic calendar.
  • The registration for a course means registering for the corresponding evaluation.
  • When the course is registered, the exam is automatically registered for the session which immediately follows the end of the course.

For exams registration:

  • Only the first registration for the exam is automatic (Remark: valid assertion only for courses taught by the Faculty of Economics and Business)
  • For the second exam registration, the student must register itself for the evaluation during the retake session, within the deadlines given by the academic calendar for exam registrations.

Travel expenses reimbursement (Triangle AZUR)

For students registered at UniNe and attending courses at Unil.

  • Refunding of each displacement on presentation of original tickets (train tickets and City Ticket only), up to a maximum CFF second half fare class.
  • The total amount of the refunded transport costs cannot exceed CHF 800. – by semester.
  • Use the official form only.