Elective courses

General information

In place of the electives (E), a maximum of 18 ECTS can be chosen in other master programmes at the Faculty of Economics and Business or MScF programmes at other Swiss universities. Approval of the Director of the MScF is mandatory.

How to proceed:

  1. Send an email to Kira Facchinetti by 6 October 2017 including the course description as well as the name of the programme.
  2. Once you have the approval, it is your responsability to contact the university regarding all the administration issues.
  3. Send an email to the secretariat of the Faculty of Economics and Business of the University of Neuchâtel as well as to Mrs Peggy Pasquali indicating which courses you have signed up for.

Train fare reimbursement (Triangle Azur): students attending courses at the universities of Lausanne and Geneva are entitled to train fare reimburement. Complete information on how to proceed is available on the Mobility Office of the University of Neuchâtel (Main Building, facing office B27).

CFA Level I exam (6 ECTS)

6 elective ECTS can be replaced by passing the CFA Level I exam. Please send to Kira Facchinetti the email you receive from the CFA Institute informing you that you have passed.

Internship (6 ECTS)

  • For students subjected to curriculum 2016-2017, 6 elective ECTS can be replaced by an internship of at least 6 weeks including the writing of a report supervised by a professor of the Faculty of Economics and Business.
  • Approval of the Director of the MScF is mandatory.
  • No internship can be carried out during the first semester of the MScF programme nor should the internship negatively affect other course work.
Step Task Deadline
1. Find a supervisor and submit, by email to Kira Facchinetti, the Internship application form (form 1) and the Internship agreement (form 2).  

Write a brief report, using the cover page.


  • See style guidelines
  • A4 format, Times New Roman 12, double-spacing
  • 3 sections: Introduction, Core (motivation, job description, link with financial theory, main challenges), Conclusion
  • 10-15 pages (without appendices)
3. Register in IS-Academia for the next exam session See academic calendar
4. Send the final version of your report, by email and in pdf format, to your supervisor 4 weeks before the exam session

Give to Kira Facchinetti the following documents:

First week of exam session