Internship with report


  • 6 weeks minimum, full time.
  • Mandatory approval of the director of the MScF
  • No internship can be carried out during the first semester of the MScF programme nor should the internship negatively affect other course work.

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Step by step

Before your internship

1. Find a suitable internship position with a company.

2. Send an email to Prof. Kroencke with all the following information:

  • Name of the company where you plan to do the internship
  • Website link
  • Contact person (tutor)
  • Detailed topic
  • Dates and duration of the internship
  • Work percentage. 

If one of the above elements is missing or is not available at the time of the request, please specify why this information is not available to you.

3. If the internship is approved by Prof. Kroencke, find a supervisor and then give to the secretariat (Kira Facchinetti) the following forms, completed and signed:

  • Internship/Research application form (signed by the student)
  • Internship and confidentiality agreement (signed by the student and the company/institution).

4. The secretariat arranges signature by the supervisor and returns fully signed documents to the student.

During your internship

Write a brief report, respecting the following requirements:

  • Cover page template
  • Style guidelines
  • A4 format, Times New Roman 12, double-spacing
  • 3 sections: 1. Introduction, 2. Core (motivation, job description, link with financial theory, main challenges), 3. Conclusion
  • 10-15 pages (without appendices).

When and how to register and submit the internship report

1. At the beginning of the semester (Fall or Spring) during which you will submit your report, register in IS-Academia for the course "Internship with report (5AF2040)".

Make sure to respect the course registration dates which are indicated on the Faculty website, page "Courses". This will automatically register you for the exam session of that semester. The exam dates are indicated on the Faculty website, page "Exams".

2. Four weeks before the beginning of the exam session, send the final version of your report (in pdf format) to your supervisor. At the same time send to Kira Facchinetti the following documents:

  • ​Final version of the report (in pdf format)
  • Internship certificate
  • Pledge of honour
  • Validation and assessment of the thesis/report (only complete the Student contact details).


If the grade is under 4, register in IS-Academia for the August/September retake session.