Kevin Bellande

Research interests

My previous works investigated the cell wall integrity maintenance system in root developmental processes using the model plant A. thaliana. During my first post-doc position supported by the French National Research Agency (NewRoot project), I was focused on gene regulatory network modelling and analysis, molecular biology and confocal microscopy in the context of lateral root development in A. thaliana. I joined the Prof. Josephus Vermeer laboratory in Nov 2021 and his research thematic (“Spatial accommodating responses”). I am currently focusing on evolutionary conserved cell wall remodelling mechanisms that contribute to lateral root development using divergent plant species. My long-term research project will be at the crossroads between cell wall remodelling and root development to investigate evo-lutionary conserved cell wall remodelling perception mechanisms that contribute to organogenesis.


Short CV

2021 Nov. – Now

Research scientist (Post-Doc), Laboratory of cell and molecular biology, Neuchâtel University (UNINE), Neuchâtel, Suisse. “Conserved Spatial Accommodation Mechanisms Involved in Lateral Root Primordium Morphogenesis”, Advisor: Joop Vermeer.

2018 Dec. - 2021 May

Research scientist (Post-Doc), DIversity-Adaptation-plant DEvelopment Laboratory (DIADE), IRD/Montpellier University, Montpellier, France. “Properties of the gene regulatory network for the formation of new lateral roots in plants”, Advisors: Soazig Guyomarc’h and Laurent Laplaze.

2015 Oct. - 2018 Oct.

Research scientist (PhD student), Plant Science Research Laboratory (LRSV), CNRS/Paul Sabatier-Toulouse III University, Auzeville-tolosan, France. “Functional study of a lectin receptor kinase, LecRK-I.9: a control for cell wall dynamics in Arabidopsis thaliana”, Advisor: Hervé CANUT.


Publications (Google scholar > link)


PUCHI represses early meristem formation in developing lateral roots of Arabidopsis thaliana
Bellande et al., Journal of Experimental Botany 73 (11), 3496-3510, 2022

CROWN ROOTLESS1 binds DNA with a relaxed specificity and activates OsROP and OsbHLH044 genes involved in crown root formation in rice
Gonin et al., The Plant Journal, 2022


Recombinant N-glycosylation isoforms of Legume lectins: Production and purification from Nicotiana benthamiana leaves following RuBisCO depletion
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Lateral root formation in Arabidopsis: a well-ordered LRexit
Banda*, Bellande* et al., Trends in plant science 24 (9), 826-839 63, 2019


Lectin and receptor lectin-kinase in A. thaliana : A sensory complex between Cell wall and plasma membrane
Bellande et al., Toulouse 3, 2018


Plant lectins and lectin receptor-like kinases: how do they sense the outside?
Bellande et al., International Journal of Molecular Sciences 18 (6), 1164, 2017

Kevin Bellande

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