Service learning

service learning

To offer the students the possibility to develop their competence in communication to the "wider public" we created an activity that is addressed to students of the 3rd year of the bachelor studies in biology in the framework of a module of choice.  The aim of this activity, of 28 hours for 3 ETCS, is to give the students the possibility to develop, in an autonomous way, a strategy to transmit knowledge of a scientific subject to a public of non-specialists. In our case, students of the niveau 2H to 8H. The choice of the scientific subject as the approach to the subject are chosen during discussions between the studens, the teachers of the classes concerned and the academical teachers to incorporate all partners. 

The teaching of the spring semester of 2020 was funded by UNINE, bueau qualité, with a fund for innovative pedagogic projects (PROJETS PÉDAGOGIQUES INNOVANTS, PPI).

Service Learning 2020

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Collecting escaped microorganisms

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