Bruno Cabete


Laboratory technician

Bureau A227

Tel: +41 32 718 22 67







Projects and interests:

Main projects:

Rhythmic responses and competitive interactions in bacteria

Cf: to Diego Gonzalez's research

Microbial consortia microcapsules as biocontrol agents against fungal phytopatogens

Cf. to Saskia Bindschedler's research



My interests are mainly in molecular biology, more specifically proteins.



I did a CFC of laboratory technician in biology in the department of Prof. Felix Kessler in vegetal physiology for 3 years.

After my formation, I was hired in the department of microbiology where I still am.


Techniques  :

-  Proteins, RNA, DNA and lipid extraction

-  Chloroplast preparation

-  Western Blot

-  Immuno-precipitation

-In-vitro protein production

-  Real-time PCR (Q-PCR)

-  Preparation TEM samples (cutting and deshydratation)

-  Cloning (classic, gateway, Gibson cloning, CRISPR-CAS9)

-  Care of plants (crossing, regenaration, collection)(A.Thaliana) 


- …


Internship of 2month in NPAC departement in Chemistery

-  Launching samples in HPLC, GC

-  Pigment and e.o. extraction