Liselore Roelfstra



Collaboratrice scientifique


My scientific interests mainly concern the environmental and health problems in livestock, with a focus on immunology, epidemiology and parasitic diseases in horses.

During my PhD, I studied the horse botfly, Gasterophilus intestinalis. The larvae of this parasite cause gastrointestinal myiasis in equids throughout the world. The infestation of horses by Gasterophilus is highly damaging and might result in major economic and welfare problems. But only few researches focused on this parasite despite their negative impact on their host. This led me to continue my present research, and I am currently working on the identification of the midgut microbial flora of the three different larval stages of G. intestinalis.

In parallel I regularly analyse horse fecal samples, originating from different areas in the Swiss Jura, to determinate the best anthelmintic treatment and to detect the presence of any resistance.

Service for animal diagnostic (horses and cattle ) see : www.animaldiagnostic.ch


Previous Research

PhD Thesis

“Characterization of antigenic and morphological properties of Gasterophilus intestinalis larvae”
University of Neuchâtel, in collaboration with the Veterinary Faculty of the Ludwig-Maximillians-University in Munich.

Master of Science

“Seasonal evolution of gastro-intestinal parasites in horses”
University of Neuchâtel.

Other experiences

I worked between 2007 and 2011 in a private laboratory (Lausanne), dedicated to the diagnosis of human diseases. I developed my skills in various domains as haematology, serology, clinical chemistry, and microbiology.


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Roelfstra L., Deeg C.A., Hauck S.M., Buse C., Membrez M., Betschart B., Pfister K: Protein expression profile of Gasterophilus intestinalis larvae causing horse gastric myiasis and characterization of horse immune reaction. Parasit Vectors 2009, 2:6. http://www.parasitesandvectors.com/content/2/1/6

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